The exam season is hottening up and so is the weather.Though i can remember AIEEE for the wrong reasons,AMRITA for the terrible center,IIT for the long irritating paper for 6 hours but SRM can surely be remembered for the positive vibes it generated in me.
After Aieee i nearly went into depression.The paper was written the worst possible way by me and a lot of boos to the CBSE guys for the unpredictability in the pattern in every ongoing year.This paper couldn’t get worser for me.I was sweating,tensed and every kind of emotion was going through in my mind during the exam.Finally the shocker ended and it was the time to move forward.
But worse was bound to happen.My coaching center students repeatedly kept commenting the paper was easy.I was trying to deviate the topic but it was never going to happen.So i couldn’t digest this so went into sadness completely.But two days later ultimately i forgot about the nightmare and thought about what could I achieve in the next few days.Efforts started pouring in from my side and the self-belief too came at the right time.Scheduled preparation and punctual study helped me to keep in god stead.So the next exam was SRMT and finally the the time had come make the preparations count and perform.Though the objective paper was quite easier than i expected i had done extremely well.It was more than a sense of relief rather than anything else.So mission achieved now target EAMCET preparations on from tomorrow with a break today from academics.




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