Flicks chilling you out this summer

The summer in Hyderabad probably has been the most severe in the recent times.The multiplex no show too is making matters worser.We can just not dare to put our foot steps out of our houses.We require a good pastime to pass through the holidays in summer.So here are a few flicks which might force you to get glued to your TV and DVD sets.So keep your pop corn ready and just sit back and relax…

Firstly we’ll start with the mother of all romantic movies,the king of all Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.This movie released on October 20 ,1995 with Aditya Chopra staring his directing career with a bang.This movie was centered mainly in London and a few beautiful villages in Punjab.Shahrukh Khan and Kajol were a rage quite before this film.Their earlier hit Baazigar too fared extremely well.Amrish Puri,Karan Johar and probably all the support actors did their job with great commitment and their effort just shows on screen.This movie had no real competition and just swept all over India with record collections and stood out as the highest grossers of bollywood running for more than a year at the theatres.The songs,cast,locations just speak for itself and we can even now find that this happy go flick is running in a few theatres in bombay.Songs such as “Doli Sajake Rakhna” ,”Ruk Ja o dil deewane”,”Tujhe Dekha To” just echoes in my ears now too.Such is the beauty of the movie.Shahrukh Khan’s common guy look and Kajol’s innonce worked magic.This movie was the one which gave all the actors something to prove.Just grab the dvd of this movie and watch it.You’ll love it, even though you have watched this before.Just watch it with your family.Its a movie for all ages.

Yash Johar’s production,his son Karan Johar’s directorial debut and more than that Shahrukh and Kajol with the addition of the talented Rani,surely sounds great and it was indeed ,its none other than blockbuster Kuch Kuch Hota hai.The film released on 16 October 1998 worldwide.The love triangle between SRK,Rani and Kajol was just there to just make the audience spell bound.College romance was back and how!This was definitely made for the youth.Kajol brought all her acting prowess into place and Rani brought fresh charm and Shahrukh was in form with his energy onscreen.The comedy too created ripples in the viewers from Johnny Lever,Anupam Kher with their unmatched comic timing.Nadeem Shravan composed just the right tunes for this romance flick which is still in my i-pod now.This movies offers something new with every watch and you just have rollicking time sitting through this movie.Though the story was quite predictable it still holds good for an engaging watch.Karan Johar came as a new fresh package as the movie and not surprsingly he’s the top most directors of today.We just await more movies like these from him.Njoy this 177 minute flick with your partner.:-)

Sanjay Dutt has reinvented himself with the Munna bhai series.The first part i.e Munna bhai M.B.B.S was a surprise run away hit.So all eyes were on the second part but not a sequel titled “Lage Raho Munnabhai” which released on September 1st 2006.The theme was the same situated around the goons and the Bombay mafia look.Arshad Warsi,Boman Irani and the female lead Vidya Balan formed an interesting cast.This movie was based on a guy who could see Mahatma Gandhi due to a chemical imbalance in his mind.The reason why Gandhi appears to him,how uses it for a good will and how will it turn as a problem for him forms the rest part of the story.Its a humorous one with a lot of heart.Its unique way of conveying the messages of the Mahatma was well accepted by the audiences.This movie revoked Indian traditions and values back but with a touch of humour it worked well commercially too.This clean movie was nominated to the Oscars too.This movie will tickle your funny bones pretty well and relive your moods.Don’t miss it.I can guarantee your satisfaction surely.This is just too good a work.Hats off to everyone involved in the movie.Grab it from the shop now!!


One thought on “Flicks chilling you out this summer

  1. A gr8 job for your first blog! :)hmmm! no comments about the masala hindi movies here, i could write a whole blog entry based on it. wait a minute, i already did! DDLJ was good entertainment, but the concept of a love triangle extending from beyond the grave(KKHH)… well, that was a bit predictable, to say the least. I also recommend you to see Patch Adams, a really heart-warming movie of Robbie Williams based on a true incident. This was remade, with Indian masalas, as munna bhai part 1. Made me appreciate all the more the fact that I have made the switch to hollywood!

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