INOX opens in Hyderabad

Finally the wait is over.The mall which was under construction for over an year and a half is finally open for public.The INOX multiplex which is one of the leading multiplexes in the country has entered Hyderabad.The mall spread over a large area makes for an engaging view.Although the whole construction isnt done yet,the mall will be at its full strength from early june.

But probably the timing of the opening of the mall could have been better.This is a time where the country is facing an economic crisis.The generation today too have been choosy to spend their money.Pricing of a film ticket to an extent of Rs.200 is not quite affordable to a normal movie goer.Though the owners are insisting that the shoppers would like to spend in things having class and quality still the pricing needs to be in check.Only time will tell how will it stand up to these issues and rise in the city.The start though looks promising.Its just that that it could be made more accessible to a common man.


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