Biotech creating waves across the world

Biotechnology is a vast and a complex subject and mainly it has some purpose attached to it.People though in India are quite scared of taking it as a proffesional course it definitely is the one giving a lot of satisfaction.Thats what is lacking in India, students are opting for courses having ready jobs even though they dont like it.They lack the passion required for the subject and even the colleges offering this courses have a lot of catching up to do.Students need a varied exposure that is they need go through this subject beyond the text into their world of imagination.Though its still in early stages in India it promises a lot for the future.As in every field there are pro’s and cons ,those are applicable for this field too.The new biotechnological processes, including genetic engineering, offer a vast spectrum of applications in agriculture and industrial production, but the social consequences of these technology-driven innovations will only be fully recognized over a period of years and decades.

Biotech has a lot of uses in our daily life.Its uses in pharmaceutical industry is unbelievable.Treatment of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cancers, arthritis, haemophilia, bone fractures, multiple sclerosis, and cardiovascular disorders are aided by new advanced techniques.
Modern biotechnology can be used to manufacture existing medicines relatively easily and cheaply. The first genetically engineered products were medicines designed to treat human diseases.Sewage treatment is divided into various stages like primary treatment,sedimentation etc.But these uses are only one face of the coin.

There are quite a lot of issues dealing that whether few techniques are ethically or morally right such as growing organs in other mammals for use in humans.Scientists worry that plant-eating insects and weeds will develop resistance to BT crops leading to the creation of super-bags or weeds that cannot be destroyed.Companies often hold patents on GM seeds and licence and protect these patents.Added to that some people are allergic to GM.So it’s a subject that keeps you interseted always.Definitely as people tell job opportunities could be better atleast in India.But this field spells a lot of imagination which any field may not do that much.


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