After IPL what else?!

IPL has entertained the spectators in SA and Tv viewers for almost a month and a half now.We used to sit down and enjoy the action thoroughly but what next?Nothing so interesting on TV and no multiplex releases means that u almost remain jobless at home.The malls are there for window shopping but probably there’s an overdose of that too.For us some change is required to kill time.Holiday season too is coming to a sudden halt by around 2 weeks from now.For a few “aspiring”(forcedly) engineers its time their results are out and the idiotic counseling sessions begin from nowhere.Career choice is not at all provided to these students so a month simply goes waste in travelling for registering a seat in some crap college.

Cricket lovers though have some consolation as the 20-20 world cup is marching on close from June 5th.Movies too might come back to entertain the multiplex crowds from the end of june as some high budget films are coming out in the market.So producers might indeed go for a compromise deal with multiplexes as the industry has barely had a big hit this year.Internet with its unending resources might prove to be just the right tonic at these boring times.The DVD’s and VCD’s are releasing at a reduced price to reduce piracy.So a wise selection could make things economical for us.But still as things suggest its a dull time for holidays as ther’s nothing interesting happening to catch on.The television too these days is dominated by politics and Sri Lankan issues.So the holiday season which started promisingly ends up on a sad note!!


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