99 unexpectedly impresses

Firstly my exams finished,was more relieved than anything else even though the last BITS exam was a big flop.So as usual after a tired and dull 2 months finished,I thought to watch a nice movie.I caught on the newspaper, it had some old films running and recently acclaimed release 99.Seriously speaking i liked no other movie so i had no other choice but to book a ticket for 99 in the newly opened GVK one mall.99 did have a interesting cast with Kunal Khemu,Cyrus Brochoea,Boman Irani,Mahesh Manjrekar, with the female lead played by Soha Ali Khan.


Movie Review: 99; Star cast: Kunal Khemu, Cyrus Broacha, Boman Irani, Soha Ali Khan, Mahesh Manjrekar and Vinod Khanna; Directors: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK

So lights off,the movie began.The first scene dates back to 1999 at a time where outgoing calls charged at 40/min and incoming 20/min.So A group of two people Sachin(Kunal) and Zaramud(Cyrus) were the guys who were faking the SIM and making money and a mockery of the business.But some unfortunate events lead them to work under a goonda AGM played by Mahesh Manjrekar.Rahul(Boman Irani) who bets on India for a cricket match with AGM but he loses the bet here and escapes out to Delhi without paying the money he had lost during betting.Some other characters pop out from no where in the movie and add to the comedy of errors.Kunal meets Soha in a hotel and they develop good “friendship” and help each other out at tense moments.Vinod Khanna surprise package of the movie plays gambling and is known to be a match fixer.How are all these characters related?for what are they playing the catch and run game for?This forms an interesting drama with good twists with commendable performances.The match fixing fiasco is brought out in the movie wonderfully.(yes)

Kunal Khemu could not have got a better movie to break his flop run.His comic timing is excellent.Cyrus comes up with a strong and an efficient performance and converts his small screen magic to the big screen excellently.Mahesh Manjrekar leads from the front..probably the best show of the film.Vinod Khanna suits his role to perfection.Boman Irani is stunning his performance boasts of great epitome.Soha Ali Khan though didn’t get a proper role to justify her acting skills ,does her bit with good charm and innocence.Few new additions of comic actors works wonders for the movie.Full credit for the screenplay writers and the new set of directors.The freshness in the movie is just pleasing.While there are hardly 2 songs in the movie(they aren’t that bad either)but the background music was on top,a really good score.The title of the movie too is totally justified.

Well,do you need more?This movie is just the right tonic to set aside your normal stressful life and i promise you shall have the ride of your life and will come out of the hall smiling.This hatke movie well, should do good business.Dont miss this one go watch this with your loved one’s and friends..

FINAL RATING:****(yes it deserves it)


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