A purposeful “New York” lives up to the expectations

Directed by Kabir Khan

Produced by Aditya Chopra

Starring John Abraham

Katrina Kaif

Neil Nitin Mukesh

Irfan Khan

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Music by Pritam

Aseem Mishra

Editing by Rameshwar S. Bhagat

Distributed by
Yash Raj Films

Release date(s) June 26, 2009

Running time
153 min.


Language Hindi / English

New York catches your pulse and emotions perfectly…….


New York has come out as a much expected film after the multiplex fiasco.The film deals with how the 9/11 effect on the normal daily life and never steps a foot wrong.Omar(Neil),Sameer(John) and Maya(Katrina) are good buddies in college.Omar is a disciplined brat while Sam and Maya are cool with a carefree attitude.Omar falls in love with Maya but is forced to leave her out as Sameer and Maya are fond of each other.Ad mist this love triangle,the World Trade Center blasts rock the country and changes their life completely.Omar stays away from Sam and Maya while Sam gets thrown in the detention center as a suspect bomber of the 9/11 blasts.He is subjected to repeated torture by the FBI.Later though, he was released due to lack of evidence against him.Sam and Maya then get married but Sam takes a wrong route to regain his pride in the society.His friend Omar though was unaware of this truth.Roshan(Irfan Khan),FBI officer then purposely catches hold of innocent Omar and sends him to Sam as an undercover FBI agent.Sam and Maya by then have a child.Maya works as a civil right activist.Omar then uses his wits to stay in Sam’s house to keep a check on his activities.Then will Omar be successful in changing Sam?Which wrong route does Sam take up?Will Maya get to know the truth? forms an enthralling ride.


The cast does it all for the movie.Neil as Omar who brings out a career best performance is the heart of the movie.John too is not very much behind with a sincere heart warming performance.Katrina as Maya looks stunning and does her part to the best of her abilities.Irrfan Khan,as ever dependable gives a stunning and a controlled performance.The supporting actors also do nothing wrong and do justice to their roles.The background score is apt.Pritam does very well with his compositions.Kabir Khan,the director does his job to near perfection.


This movie offers something for everyone.It simultaneously entertains,thrills,makes us cry and a lot more.The freshness of the performances of the cast is pleasing.The locales and production values are wonderful by Yashraj & Co.Thumbs up for all the sincere effort the unit has put in and it shows onscreen.Quite a meaningful flick,considering the recent tensions between Indians particularly Muslims in the US and Australia.Go watch this one and you’ll come out smiling & having your every penny worthy.




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