A decision taken in life……..finally

Career is something which a student has to take up for achieving personal satisfaction and happiness.This article is just a peep-in on how i finally backed my final decision,i.e engineering at SRM.Despite having limited choices to make my decision,i made a complete mess of it.My brain was hearing and facing all kind of chin music.I was getting all kinds of advice from all sorts of people adding to my misery…

I had three choices firstly Amrita,Eamcet,SRM.Amrita was ruled out at the earliest due to unavailability of seats in Coimbatore and Bangalore.I had only Kerala one left which was quite mediocre.So Amrita was removed off my list at the beginning.Then i got an OK rank/score in EAMCET i.e neither too good nor too bad making the matters worse.But a local college would prevent any kind of homesickness,i mean at least the satisfaction of reaching home’s there.The local colleges though were good but not great.That made me unwillingly go to SRM counseling to block my seat for the safer side.Now i had done that and 2 more weeks to have the final go at my choice.Both sides of the coin had its share of advantages and disadvantages,but time was closing in and the choice had to be made…….After a series of uncertainties i was firm to join SRM.

Sustainability of our jobs is quite important in our lives.So a good background always adds as a bonus to students in such situations.This factor and the lackluster quality of education indeed made me go against the local colleges .I am not infact telling that SRM is the best in providing a good base ,but just hinting that it is the best of all choices available for me.So i hope my decision is justified.I am looking forward to perform at my best of the abilities in SRM and set up a path for a successful career…..


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