Ashes battle kicks off today

All the pre-match talk is being put into dust as the mother of all battles, only second to India vs Pak though, commences today.Cricket is back in business but in its unique form now.Australia and England have had a gloomy season till.England suffered a humiliating 5-0 loss in Australia but they are fitter,stronger both physically and mentally to test the fading cricket giants.Australia too with their young team are ready to prove a point to the critics.This series has taken the “home of cricket” England by a storm.Everyone has something to say or comment about in the series and will continue to do so in the future.Watching it as a neutral spectator makes me all the more excited.To go for the predictions,i would favour England a notch ahead of the kangaroos but just.My college too begins in the third week of August,so i wont miss any action of this high drama.I just cant wait for it to begin.Stay glued to your television sets and be ready to view an evenly balanced contest.


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