Imtiaz Ali recreates magic…back with a bang

Sorry guys ,i’m quite late with the review.The well hyped flick has opened up to full houses all over India and rest of the world.Its cast,music,direction,dialogues,production values have all worked wonders for the movie.So here’s the analysis of “LOVE AAJ KAL”.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali

Produced by Saif Ali Khan
Dinesh Vijan

Saif Ali Khan as Jai Vardhan Singh/ Younger days Veer Singh
Deepika Padukone as Meera Pundit
Rishi Kapoor
Rahul Khanna
Giselle Monteiro
Vir Das
Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Music by Pritam

Cinematography Natarajan Subramaniam

Distributed by Illuminati Films Pvt Ltd


Jai Vardhan and Meera are carefree lovers who know nothing about commitment,sincerity in love.They date for a few months in London and then decide to break up in the wake of shaping up their careers and decide to give a party for that.Jai there meets Veer Singh,the party co-ordinator who narrates his tale of love situated in those sweet 50’s.Then the movie picturises a beautiful parallel between these two love stories and draws out the similarities,changes in both the eras.The scene now dates back to Punjab where Veer Singh’s love Harleen is present.Their love shows how expressions speak for themselves rather than mere talk.Then the story moves on to Delhi where Meera pursues her career and Jai continues his jobless,chilling days in London.Veer Singh is desperate for Jai to understand the meaning of love and realise his true love.He by then falls for a British girl.Meera too zeroes on Vikram,her boss as a partner. Jai with his fiancee decide to go on a holiday to India and decides to surprise Meera.Meera and Jai then have a day off from their partners in Delhi and have fun roaming around.Time closes on in for Meera to take a final decison on her choice for a better half.So Meera warns Jai to stop being in touch with her and go ahead in their lives.Meanwhile Veer Singh in his tale,tries every trick to woo Harleen.Harleen then departs to Kolkatta leaving Punjab and Jai too follows suite to win his love.Harleen too accepts him and this love comes under great scrutiny from her parents.In the other story,Meera marries Vikram and invites Jai too on the occassion.Both are still confused on their interests.Both really miss each other in life.To add another dramatic twist,Jai has a good career on hand in contrast with Meera who wants to meet Jai the final time.But isn’t it too late for confession?Does Jai realise his inner truth?Will their love last the distance?Will Veer Singh be able to convince Harleen’s parents?forms an interesting warm climax.


Saif Ali Khan gives a career best performance fitting into the double role amicably well.Deepika Padukone gives a honest performance and tries her every bit make the character look natural.Giselle Monterio,the Brazilian model is the surprise package of the movie.With hardly any dialogues at her disposal she gives a handful,impressive performance as a Punjabi girl.Rishi Kapoor’s mature performance adds a bonus for the movie and he really induces life into his role.Rahul Khanna gives a modest performance.Neetu Kapoor’s special appearance at the end is sweet.The supporting cast have done well enough to support the lead pair.Saif’s chemistry on screen with Giselle and Deepika rocks onscreen.Music by Pritam is pleasing and he tops the chart with this album especially with the song “Chor Bazaari”.Irshad Kamil,the lyric writer does an extremely professional job.Imtiaz Ali is masterful at storytelling and the parallel between modern and previous era’s is depicted beautifully.Dialogues are really simple and thoughtful.The production values just add to the glitz of this flick perfectly.Barring all, screenplay looks a bit wagging though.Still the movie is a sure winner and will rake in the moolah perfectly.


Saif Ali Khan and Rishi Kapooer’s expertise
Deepika’s performance
Giselle’s charm
The maturity with which the script is handled
Imtiaz Ali’s dialogues,direction


Wagging screenplay
Average second half

We can see the truth glaring in front of us.The plus points are too much to outweigh the negatives.It has its heart at the right place.A really matured take on relationships.Will work wonders with the youth and convince the aged well.The freshness is simply superb with this one..Well, I am falling short of words….if you haven’t seen this..just step out and watch it the nearest cinema hall.These movies are rare and come once in a lifetime….Go Go JAI HO!!



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