Kurbaan sends a bold message on global terrorism

Well,this birthday the movie i chose was Kurbaan.The trailers,the cast,the theme made it all the more interesting.After the movie,i felt probably this this was the best thing i planned for my b’day.

Directed by Rensil D’Silva

Produced by
Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar

Written by Rensil D’Silva, Niranjan Iyengar, Anurag Kashyap

Starring Saif Ali Khan
Kareena Kapoor
Rupinder Nagra
Om Puri
Kirron Kher
Vivek Oberoi

Music by Salim-Sulaiman

Hemant Chaturvedi

Distributed by
UTV Motion Pictures

Country India

Language Hindi


Kurbaan takes it ideals from Fanaa and New York but turns out to be much better than the other 2.Avantika is a proffessor settled in the US.Her father’s heart attack forces her to come back to her homeland India.There she meets Ehsaan Khan with whom her love life blossoms.But Avantika is called back to return to the US and as a result,Ehsaan and Avantika decide to marry.Avantika’s father has apprehensions about giving his daughter to a Musilm but later reconciles and accepts their proposal.The scene then shifts back to New York where they both settle in a beside an Indian neighbour.The neighbour invites them to a party to their house.A few days later a girl named Salma(a girl in the neighbourhood whom she had dinner with) in the name of giving sweets to Avantika, expresses the danger of being killed by her husband.She further tells to inform the news to Salma’s only friend Rihaana who works as a TV reporter and is in a relationship with Riyaz.Avantika conveys Salma’s message to Rihaana. Avantika soon realises their neighbours are nothing but terrorists and killing innocent lives in the name of god. She gets trapped in a game plotted by none other than her husband Ehsaan Khan.She realises that she was nothing but a tool used by Ehsaan.By the time she knows this ,she’s a pregnant.She even comes to know that the flight by which Rihaanaa was travelling that night was the next on the list of the terrorist attack.She informs this to her by voicemail,but it becomes too late and the latter loses her life in the airline crash.Heart broken journalist Riyaz is determined to find out the roots of the attack.Now he recognises Avantika’s voice message that night and intelligently gets close to Ehsaan to revenge his partner’s death.Avantika and Riyaaz plan out things so delicately to reveal this dreaded truth out though the former is under house arrest.By the time they try their tricks,the gang plans out another triple attack in 3 stations.Then the climax reveals whether Avantika and Riyaz are successful in their attempt.But ultimately Kurbaan is a love story,believe me it is.


Saif Ali Khan takes giant leaps as an actor with kurbaan.Kareena as usual is top class and shows her acting prowess to the fullest extent.Their chemistry is burning hot and works wonders for the movie.Om Puri is commanding.Kirron Kher is first rate.The surprise package is Vivek Oberoi who pitches in a memorable performance with great sincerity.In fact all actors have fitted the bill perfectly,credits to the casting director.Rensil’D’Silva couldn’t have chosen a better script than Kurbaan.His freshness impresses.The dialogues in the movie are top class and no less are the lyrics in the songs lending novelty to the situations well.Salim-Sulaiman have composed some wonderful tunes for this movie especially Shukran Allah and Kurbaan Hua.The Cinematography of the movie is top class capturing beautiful locations of India and the US remarkably.The movie is truly a Bollywood’s answer to Hollywood.Such is the quailty of this movie.Previous movies on terrorism dealt only with the emotional aspect of terrorism but this movie highlights the basic psyche of terrorists and the solution to it.It sends down a novel message.Coming to the location,casting,music Kurbaan is a winner all the way.

+ves and -ves

What works for Kurbaan?

* Kareena’s acting
* Vivek Oberoi
* Salim Sulaiman’s music
* The suppporting cast
* Direction
* Production values

Whats against Kurbaan?

* Too straight
* Violent second half
* 2:37 min running time

K’Jo has done it this time too.Dharma productions is yet again successful in bringing out a quality film.Go watch this movie to see the Indian actors proving their mettle and equally world class production values.Kurbaan should be a treat to watch.It has its own charm despite the theme of terrorism.Leave out those baseless comedy capers,come out and watch Kurbaan for an ultimate answer and I’m sure you wont come out dissaopinted.



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