Paa is a heartful masterpiece

Bollywood has truly come of age.Its blessed with extraordinary talent but most importantly its being used now.Movies are focussing on rare and unique themes which are being appreciated by an intelligent audience.Paa is no different.Based on a rare disease named Progeria it speaks volumes on human emotions.It doesn’t get preachy in the process,infact Balki’s work contains many funny and light moments connectable to our daily life.


Vidya is a gynacolologist by profession.Amol Aarte is meanwhile an aspiring politician who wants to change the face of India and remove corruption.Both love each other but unknowingly Vidya gets pregnant.She is in a dilemma on whether to give birth to the child which might affect both their careers.Here Amol isn’t convinced about having a child and in turn wants her to abort the child as he wants to focus on his future.Vidya though is very much disappointed by Amol’s irresponsibility sheand both break up.Vidya decides to give birth to the child with the help of her mother.Her problems doesn’t end with this.She gives birth to a baby boy Auro suffering from a one in a million disease Progeria which is accelerated ageing with premature death.She is heart broken.But still she puts up a brave face and makes him grow like a normal child.Few years later Auro accidentally meets his father who is a famous M.P by then known for his great visionary.Rest of the story deals with the bonding of Amol and Auro and the weird eqations they share.Ultimately,Auro comes to know the truth of Amol being his father and is desperate to see his mom and dad patch up.The rest of the story deals under what circumstances Vidya and Amol had to face and show their love for Auro.


Abhishek as Amol shows an immensely growing actor getting better movie by movie.Vidya is simply superb as a mom who had to face
many difficulties in life.Amitabh Bachchan pitches in a career best performance as Auro.His sterling on screen presence at such an age speaks volumes of the legend’s class.Arundhati Naag as Vidya’s mom fits the bill perfectly. The classmates of Auro perform very well.Though the actors have given in marvellous performances,this is R.Balki’s film and full marks to him for extracting the best out of his cast.The simplicity in the narrative style of the movie is beautiful.The music by Ilayaraaja is soothing and a treat for the ears.The film’s theme is such that it doesn’t require a lavish setting, but still ,the locations impress..Infact the movie nears perfection in most of the departments.

What works for the movie?

• Amitabh’s awesome performance
• Music
• Balki’s direction
• Unique theme

What doesn’t work?

• The political track of Amol
• Lack of pace in the script

Ultimately Paa is endearing experience which is so rare in these times.It will move everyone with a heart.It shows how delicate human emotions and relationships are,infact it pays a tribute to it.Go for it without any more suspicion.Dont miss it!!


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