De Dana Dan is a rib tickling laugh riot

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The Hera Pheri Jodi work magic yet again.Priyadarshan with the trio of Akshay,Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal tickle your fun muscles wonderfully.This time the situations get whackier and more funnier.After a series of duds in the year,Akshay is back in full form with his lucky lady girl Katrina Kaif.The basic essence of the movie remains the same.Leave out your brains and enter the theatre.


Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty are two carefree men settled in Singapore.They lack spice in life but always believe that life will give them an oppurtunity to become rich.Akshay works as a care taker in a millionaire’s house while Suneil works as a courier agent.Akshay is very dissatisfied with his treatment in his owners house but he couldn’t do much to escape from this mundane routine as his father borrowed money from the former for Akshay’s education and failed to return it due to his untimely death.Both are having girl friends in the form of Katrina and Sameera Reddy.Katrina and Sameera come from rich backgrounds.Their parents normally want them to marry a rich person.Their respective parents try arranging a marriage for both of them and Katrina ,Sameera warn their partners that this is the last chance for them to get together if not they had to part ways.

                                     Akshay was seemingly helpless.He starts planning out a few ideas with Suneil Shetty to earn quick and easy money for a tension free life satisfying their lady loves.Cashing on the love the owner of Akshay’s workplace ,has for her dog,they kidnap it.Their plans go  awry when the dog escapes in the middle of the journey and returns back to the house.They still don’t have a knowledge of it though.They scribble in the owner’s house that she had to pay a ransom of 1 crore to avoid death.She gives a police complaint and mistakes that Akshay is kidnapped.Akshay believing his life is settled calls Katrina to join him in a hotel until they get the money.He was shell shocked to see his kidnapping news in the headlines realizing they were in a big mess with neither the dog nor the money.Then the entry of Paresh Rawal and many other characters rallying around him turn you into splits.The script is ultimately the tricks the Roadside Romeo’s try to win their girls.As like his other movies, “De Dana Dan” borrows its source from a Malayalam film “Vettom”.


Akki works big time in this comic caper.He proves yet again his ease in handling comic movies.Suneil Shetty after a lull seems to have earned his comic timing back and shares good chemistry with Akki.Katrina Kaif is stunning in the songs and adds the glamour quotient to the script well along with an impressive Sameera Reddy.Paresh Rawal as a corrupt businessman performs his part with an admirable ease.The supporting cast including Johnny Lever,Rajpal Yadav,Chunky Pandey and many more do a sincere job to entertain the crowds.Priyadarshan has handled an average script admirably well to his advantage and his mettle in creating comic situations out of no where comes to the fore in Dana Dan.The music is quite good by Pritam who has delivered great numbers this year.Gale Lag  Jaa and Paisa stand out among the songs.The cinematography is quite good capturing Singapore at its very best.The climax sequence too is shot really well and kudos to the producers for investing on a good Director and a comic script without any compromises on the budget.

What works for De Dana Dan?

  • The Hera Pheri combination
  • Picturisation of music
  • Hard-core comedy

What doesn’t work?

  • Excessive length
  • Too many characters
  • Repetitive story line

Ultimately what an aam aadmi wants is pure entertainment  keeping his worries away and enjoying the 2 1/2 hours to the fullest.De Dana Dan is a winner among the first benchers and family crowds for sure and the cast do every bit to satisfy the audience.Don’t miss this!



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