“Aal Izz Exceptional” with 3 Idiots

“Aim for Excellence,Success will follow you”

Aamir+2 Idiots+Kareena+Raju Hirani=A COMPLETE WINNER

.Christmas this time has provided a special gift from the Santa Claus in the form of 3 Idiots.Aamir Khan is back yet again with his magical touch after the 2008 Christmas Blockbuster Ghajini.This time he’s accompanied Madhavan,Sharman Joshi and Kareena Kapoor too to join his success ride.Filled with heartfelt comedy scenes and a noble message,the movie is rock solid.Never does the drama tilt off its balance.Its neither a lecture nor a lesson based on career.Its in fact a bold step challenging our sada hua academic system and the basic purpose of studying with interest.Added to that,Aamir Khan,a 44 year old playing 20 around on screen is no short of a challenge and Aamir does it with an impeccable ease.Every student and a parent can connect with this movie and that’s its USP.You get drooled in your college life throughout the film and wish ourselves to be Rancho(Aamir).Besides,the movie is a treatise to how special a bond friendship is.It shows how memorable can college days be in our short life span!The filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani sets a bench mark with 3 Idiots for other directors to achieve.Its a wonderful cinematic journey that you wouldn’t wanna miss.

The movie starts off with Farhan(Madhavan) and Raju(Sharman Joshi) searching for their long lost friend Rancho with their classmate Chatur Ramalingam.Along their journey they recollect the moments of bliss the trio shared during their college life….Farhan is a teenager from a middle class family back ground whose family are really desperate to see him as an Engineer.Raju mean while is from a family who can’t go past a square meal a day.The first day of their college sees them being ragged and that’s the first instance they get to know Rancho .In fact ,he is their room mate.Then the next day, Viru Sahastrabuddhe,(Boman Irani), college principal just gives a glance on how life is a race and how tough is it to the students ,during his first meet.There starts a series of comic events happening between the 3 of them and Virus(nickname of the principal) getting them to trouble often.Rancho is a smart free spirited guy who focuses on understanding the concepts rather than simply mugging up pages and pages like his classmate Chatur Ramalingam who’s jealous of him.This is where he gets ahead of him and many other students in college.Suddenly a student in the college hangs himself and commits suicide.The reason being the failure of project submission on the required timeline and Virus rejecting it, stating that he can show only sympathy but cant break rules for the sake of anyone.Heart broken,this forces him to commit suicide and Rancho is completely at shock.After a while under weird situations,the trio meets Pia(Kareena),daughter of Virus at her sister’s(Mona Singh) wedding.Rancho makes Pia view a new side of life and his immense joyful attitude and his commitment to friendship impresses her.

As a result love blossoms between the two.Mean while,Raju’s dad is paralyzed and suffers an attack.Rancho immediately offers timely help and Raju’s deeply moved.These are the moments here and between that make the movie so special.Then comes the preinterval scene dating back to the present life,which leaves everyone in shock regarding Rancho’s identity .Post interval,coming back to the flash back,Rancho makes everyone realize how passionate one must be about their interests without giving up to parents demands.This enthuses Farhan to explore his passion of wild life photography.He feels this is the last opportunity to have a satisfying job rather than a well paid hellish one.He also convinces his parents about his future and henceforth they give a green signal to his choice.

So few days later,Raju gets caught by Virus for some serious mischief and the latter threatens him to be rusticated from the college.He even gives him a choice between Rancho and himself, on whom to be sent off.He being clueless, jumps from the window succumbing to a serious injury.Rancho,again with Farhan come to his rescue .A Fortnight later,Raju too earns a job in an interview and is thrilled.Virus previously had ridiculed him of not worthy of getting a job and he would shave off his moustache had he got so.So,not able to bear him getting a job,his ego gets the better of him and he tries to set a paper which is so difficult ,such that he(raju) fails in the exam.This leads to some ugly sequences where he loses his temper and Pia too disapproves her father to be rude and leaves the house.Ultimately,the 3 Idiots are suspended from the college after a misunderstood incident .That night,Pia’s sister being pregnant suffers from incessant pains needing to go to the hospital urgently.Due to continuous rains,the transport comes to a standstill giving her no chance of going to the hospital.Then the trio leaving with their bags packed take notice of this situation and inform Pia.So using their limited sources with the help of Pia with the web cam,the the baby is delivered and kudos to the ideals of the director.Finally “Aal Izz Well”and impressed by humanity of the 3 Idiots t,heir suspensions are cancelled by Virus,and all successfully complete their engineering course.Unexpectedly Rancho is suddenly missing from the scene and disappears from all their lives.When the truth comes out,we feel really sympathetic for his cause. So coming back to the present,then the rest of the story lies in how Farhan and Raju win him back and  make him meet Pia.The climax is easily the high point of the film.

Aamir Khan is the soul of the movie.He is such a talented actor and this performance of great multitude proves it.He thrives on challenges and success is just a formality.He’s made it a habit.Madhavan and Sharman Joshi sparkle with Aamir sharing great vibes and proving their mettle as good actors.Kareena is excellent.She confirms it yet again that she’s the no.1 in acting.Though a limited role,she performs comedy with ease and holding her presence on screen  amidst legends like Aamir is no mean task.Boman Irani shows how classy he’s ,enacting a role of a heartless principal Virus.Omi Vaidya as Chatur Ramalingam is awesome and provides good laughs especially in the speech he recites in Hindi.Music deserves a special mention which maintains the flow of the movie instead of interrupting it.Cinematography is wonderful and so is the choreography.Most importantly, for carving out a flick like this with a child like innocence,hats off to Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. who use Chetan Bhagat’s novel to their advantage

Bollywood has had a dull year, but this movie for sure will bring smiles to the distributors ensuring good business because of its quality content.This is a gem…You’ll miss something important in life if you don’t watch this movie..So rush to the theatres!!!


Wishing all the readers a very Happy New Year…


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