An unwanted break?


The recent demands for Telangana has created a hostile atmosphere in the state dividing people with varied opinions.The root cause of the protests being students is a huge matter of concern.Students have acted in a very immature way to satisfy their demands.This has resulted in bandhs,holidays for many educational institutions thus breaking the much needed momentum in academics.This situation can be used by the students either for a break or sharpening the so- called essential skills.

                         Holidays provide an ample opportunity to students for creativity.Book Reading is a wonderful habit at any time and reading classics of Shakespeare,Sidney Sheldon,Robin Cook,John Grisham,Jeffery Archer,Erich Segal is a wonderful idea.Updating ourselves with technical knowledge  such as C,C++,Windows,Java with short term courses would help us go beyond the classroom.Reading good articles from the Internet by experts in respective fields will polish our skills.Besides, a glance of the future portions to be studied at college would keep us busy and finishing off the pending writing work may save time once the colleges reopen .Movie,documentary viewing once in a while from the video libraries avoiding the theatres could prove economical as well as entertaining.Jogging and brisk walking in the parks amid fresh air for an hour or Gym is advisable to keep the body fit.In addition,Yoga and Meditation would be best tonic to keep our minds fresh devoid any unnecessary thoughts.Listening to soulful music we enjoy would relieve us from the unduly daily life stress.Aiding our parents in the daily chores would save time for them.Ultimately it all comes to time managing balancing relaxation and our basic duties.Lets hope the unrest in the state comes to a halt very soon and we are back to our  daily routine once again.Wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…





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