Salute to the spirit of India…..,but way to go………..


6 decades later after we adopted our Constitution and the transition of India from a British Dominion to a republic on January 26, 1950,the spirit still stands tall.Though our unity,culture has undergone drastic changes,we get another chance today to get together and salute our martyrs for our very existence today.We always get carried away with the efforts that our freedom fighters have done and remember it for just 3 days in a year and leave rest to god.Its very shameful to see such an attitude developing.The basic purpose of independence was to stay happy being free.Now we’re getting more divided into smaller states baselessly for castes ,religion,the latest being the protest for a Telangana divide.This is so disturbing for a country like India which is known for being culturally diverse and united.Lets remember we are a human first,every thing comes next.In this fast-paced world we hardly have time for humanitarian feelings.Such a harsh truth to know.Lets pause for a second and think to what extent India has moved ahead in these 60 years of being a republic.Be the one to contribute,be the hero to the homeless,poor.Be the one to be clean and make your surroundings clean.Your contribution might be too small for a big nation but it’ll inspire many to step a foot forward and think of improving our nation.Before focusing on development,we have a lot of pending jobs to do.A lending hand in building a nation creates such a satisfying and a happy feeling in our heart that can never be replicated.Just think what’s a life when you contribute nothing to your nation.Today’s the day,begin your contribution and remember to pay a tribute to all who gave us independence. JAI HIND!!



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