Change is the essence of life…


Life is a long,short,challenging,puzzling journey…call it whatever.As our journey called life begins,our basic requirement is variety or change in our normal life.We never want the expected ones or we don’t like something too much for a long time.Why is it like this?

Lets go back our memories down the lane to find out an answer to this..Right from 3 years when we barely learn to speak ,we have required many things .We like dolls,teddy bears,motor cars at that tender age.Whenever a new model of our piece comes in, we hang onto that.Our perception of world is very sweet then,because everything seems to be going in our scheme of things.No arguments,responsibilities,problems,just pure bliss.We feel our life is going smoothly without any hiccups.We think every person we meet is really sweet and wonderful.Slowly the wide picture sets in..We involve in fights,have arguments,have demands that a normal middle class family cannot put into,get bad influences,hate people.Imagine how many impure feelings peep into our souls as our body matures.The ultimate truth is that only few will be not tempted to resist their demands,not fall into the ugly side of life.But still ,everyone will have moments in life where we has to choose between a compromise and truth.That’s the decisive test he undergoes to prove how strong is he mentally.

Changes have its own share of advantage and disadvantages.It helps some persons and spoils the others,i.e.some take changes to their advantage and some not.This helps a person to mature.For example we cut down trees for our selfish needs disturbing our ecological balance.What’s the answer to that?Nature too has its own way of expressing its change or honestly anger in the form of tsunamis,cyclones,earthquakes.In fact its the inhuman things we do leading to such destruction.A change like the above keeps us always in check.Sometimes  we want changes and at other times we are made to change.Without change the life comes to a standstill.None of the technologies,advancements,achievements would have taken place had we not accepted it.We are so laid back to accept the fact of it having an influence on our lives.What we are today is because of our past.We learn from our mistakes and try not repeating it which doesn’t mean the intention of committing new mistakes,instead being positive about it.No human is perfect,in fact we have to mould our character with respect to our surroundings.

Changes in fact have made us almost reach the skies.The luxurious lifestyle we have today was hardly dreamt of, 50 years ago.Our communication methods,relationships,our perception about life have all undergone rapid changes.It has brought out the process of multitasking which ultimately saves time.”Stitch in time saves nine”.It has given us scope to experiment a lot more things in a limited period of time.Changes can be creative too.We have our preferences in the form of arts such as music,dance,writing and many other things.Do we do it for any profit?No..The answer is that, these activities bring our creative side out giving us a sort of mental relaxation and relieve us from our mundane daily lives.Not only these but sports.movies,parties,hanging out with friends during weekends,spending time out with the orphanages are a part of it.The method varies,but the purpose of having a break is the same.In fact this is the  kind of change that  refreshes us and drive us to perform even better at work.Coming to another side of change.success and failure are like two sides of the same coin which may change our lives forever.Success is a result of effort,hard work and sweat and if not it wont last the tide.Failure teaches how challenging is it to be at the top making us gritty and determined to achieve our destination.Both these aspects should be handled carefully and in the right way,if not bear the brunt.

In all these events in our life,what doesn’t change throughout our existence?Its nothing but the parents love.They argue,fight,quarrel with us but with only one noble intention of his son/daughter to go in the right path.Its our responsibility to satisfy them and never let them down.It doesn’t mean shaking our heads to whatever they tell,implementing them would be the biggest challenge.Besides,we have to be independent and not be over attached to them.On the course of penning down this article too,i have gone various mood changes.That’s how often changes occur in life.So be prepared for anything and everything in life.Its a compelling ride.Move on with it and never give up hope coz Change is the essence or spice of life….


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