Indo-Pak relations on the knife edge

The war of words between two nations in the past 20 days had everything so well packaged like a Bollywood movie.It had politics,cricket,movies,arguments and what not?It all started with the IPL snub of the Pakistan players with the franchises refusing to pick a single player of their nation.The decision wasn’t shocking but the way it was conducted definitely raised a few eye brows.Its so very sad when a nation which is so passionate of a sport like cricket gives a cold shoulder to its neighbour.It was sad to see the mother of all leagues IPL doing it and it looks more awkward when they actually deny any decision taken regarding this issue.

It was finally heartening to see Shah Rukh Khan coming out in objection of this official snub.He was right in telling that politics and cricket should never be brought together.He ven went on to tell India wasn’t a nation to brush off a nation like Pakistan.He insisted on basic Indian culture to be affectionate to all our guests and treat them like gods.He added that he was disppointed with IPL in managing the whole drama.Not with standing,a few days later Shiv Sena and MNS,the Maharashtrian bugs targeted SRK and demanded his apology at immediate effect.SRK stood firm and the former groups started creating havoc around SRK’s home Mannat.They even threatened to disript the release of his forthcoming movie “MY NAME IS KHAN”.The idiocracy continued and finally Bollywood came up for ShahRukh.Chidambaram too made a comment questioning what made the franchises Pakistani players unhospitable atmosphere.So,politically too this issue was gaining much strength.The Pakistani government and the PCB procliamed it an insult.This news became the TRP fetcher for various news channnels showing it like some enterntainment news.In fact channels have become more a medium to attract eyeballs rather than focussing on their main job of delivering the truth to its audiences.The government could no more sit quite and deployed additional security across SRK’s house and lathi charged the protesting sainiks.Forgetting all our principles,MNS and Shiv Sena are such a nuisance to the country who fail to realise that India has earne democracy a long time back.Everyone is free to express his/her opinions.No one can ever get above a law,that applies for a common man and a political party,no more and no less,they have to obey the same.Who are these to deny an opinion or comment,that too a laudable one?
This is not the first time this has happened and Bollywood is becoming an easy prey for this nuisance.The government has to take drastic steps to avoid India getting communal.This is such a sensitive issue,we instead of polishing our relations are completely falling apart from the required direction.The program Aman KI Asha by the times group is a wonderful initiative to bond our faltering relations.Never should an doubt Pakistan or the other way round.The fools in that nation may have caused serious problems,but lets remember we are humans first,lets live and let live.Let peace prosper and unity win over the clouds surrounding the tortured relations between both the countries.


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