Indo- Pak relations on the knife edge…….(2)



India –Pakistan have had very few moments of positivity.Its been 3 decades and nothing has changed.The relations between the two countries have always moved the darker side by each passing day.Neither of the two have come forward to address the issues at any point of time.Controversies,arguments,fights,wars have more been on the headlines between the two countries.The one thing that unites both is cricket.This has at least remained common interest and passion between the neighbors  over the years . The cricketers in both countries are given great status and enjoy a wonderful fan following.Not even cricket but even Indian stars do have a sizeable attraction in Pakistani crowds.The platform for entertainment ,movies,dance together has nevertheless been the IPL.But this organisation has let itself down by blacking out the Pakistani players from this year’s decision.It was more shocking than a dubious decision taken by the franchisees to ignore them.The 26/11 blasts have surely created an impact over the already strained relations between both the nations.But sports is something entirely different from politics.It has always been a peace Bridger between the two.Various people have expressed their objection in IPL’s mismanagement of this sensitive issue in support of Pakistan and the result is there to see.Attacks on individuals,protests,damages all over.Who is in benefit?NONE.First of it,is it all worth the fuss?

                                                  Coming to my personal point of view,I feel the issue has been entirely blown out of proportion.Instead peace making methods are more advisable.Come to real terms.We do have issues between the countries.Lets not ignore that.We indeed have to plan out effective strategies to work this out.Me,really proud being the citizen of this great nation.The country is an epitome of culture,religion,traditions,monuments,hospitality.Hospitality doesn’t need to be restricted among ourselves.Lets show them,despite all the issues we both have,we invite them with them with great pride and treat as our relatives.Wars,attacks,killings in the name of Islam,arguments are never going to improve our relations even by a whisker.The Indian government to say the least has reacted sluggishly in imrovising talks and clearing out all required issues.We all of course as citizens are very angry on what happened in Mumbai.The deserved should be punished but that doesn’t mean us pointing out our fingers on Pakistan on a whole.We have to be mature enough to understand we are humans first,then citizens of any country.We have the nature of “forgive and forget”.A single person can’t awaken a whole nation.Individually we have to put our nation above ourselves and provide support to the unity.That’s the only way we as a nation will achieve a break through to this serious issue and move forward to avoid another 26/11.Hatred is such a strong feeling which needs to be put aside.Ultimately think for how long will we be fighting?There has to be a full stop.In this fast changing world,imagine what would be the outcome if all the problems are sorted out between these countries?What a welcome change can it be to the world!No more deaths,blood shed!It’s a great feeling even in our imagination.We should be the start in making this a reality.

Peace making methods should start from the grass root level of both the countries.Indian singers,actors and many other artistes of various fields could start conducting concerts and programmes in Pakistan.Contrary to what we have seen from the recent years,India and Pakistan should play regularly and competitively ,be it any sport and stand united against all the odds.Indians and Pakistanis should be encouraged on regular tourism visits to watch the grandeur and culture of both the nations.Movies depicting ideas of peace between India and Pakistan should be encouraged and supported by the governments of both the countries.Indian companies should set a foothold for their branches in Pakistan and vice versa.Better knowledge of Islamic notions are to be developed to avoid destruction in the name of god..Better securities between borders to avoid infiltration of terrorists could prove handy in avoiding destruction.The media should play a large hand  invoking youth in the favor of peace and its necessary advantages.

This shouldn’t be limited with thoughts.Acting at the right time will be the key.This is the beginning.An initiative by THE TIMES GROUP in support of this noble intention is “AMAN KI ASHA”.Slowly the warmth of our nation should spread through Pakistan and hope these two come together to share their love.Not only these but the whole world should be united.After all a human life time is very short.Why fill it with anger and distrust?







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