A fitting end :-) !!



Music ka Maha Muqabla has been a wonderful experience for any music lover.It showed how good a platform television for development of budding talent.With the addition of the stars such as Shankar,Mika Singh,Shreya Ghoshal,Himesh,Mohit Chauhan,Shaan this show has raised the bars for any reality.The concept of dividing them into teams and giving young singers like Aabhas,Rahul Trivedi,Rehman,Anvesha and many more talented singers to groom with music and enhance their knowledge in able company of the giants in the field is an intelligent one.Surely ,when talent of this sort comes on the same stage,temperatures escalate and differences tend to exist.That is where creativity increases to its best level and people get to know the beauty and necessities of music.

                  The show as known was divided to various rounds the first one being a round to experiment,the second being a duet,the third being a DJ round and the fourth being the medley.This sort of a structure helps an artist to experiment his own talent and versatility.The telecast of the show in the weekends ensured the program reaches more audiences.The entry of movie stars to promote their movies helped it grab the eyeballs of the nation.Though the program faced stiff competition from Colors telecasting Junior Big B’s Bingo,its class and simplicity balanced the viewership ratings.With regular differences between Shaan and Mika,the scenes honestly looked ugly at times.But when it comes to quality competition,this show truly stood out from others.If to pick a favorite,mine would be surely Shreya Ghoshal whose voice just makes me bow to her.A true follow up to yesteryears Lata Mangeshkar,Asha Bhonsle and a gifted gem.The show took the responses of the audiences through a rating of 10.If any 2 of the teams were participating,the other 4 singers would be judging.There was also an award presented to the Best Singer of the day which was earned by Anvesha 6 of the 7 times she performed who later even robbed the Singer of the series award.The response of the show reached its top when the show neared the final stages.The final four teams were of lead by Shaan,Shreya,Shankar,Himesh.After a hard fought battle in the semi finals,the teams reaching the final were Shaan and Shankar.

                                       The grand finale was visually excellent and the two teams were ready to fight it out for the ultimate crown of being loved by the majority of the nation.The special guests in the function were Ustad Amjad Ali Khan with his sons Aman Ali and Ayan Ali.With great performances from both the sides,it was so engrossing for the spectator to chose one between the two.But they had to,they did so,it was SHANKAR’s team that romped the crown home and received the 50 lakh rupees prize money with the Shaan’s team receiving 25 lakh.Filled with a wonderful mix of all types of artists,they were definitely the favorites and they didn’t disappoint.Its wonderful to see such great talent coming out and I hope the channels put more thought in bringing the best out of the contestants.Hats off to this show!


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