Good to the ears,but not eyes….

Films are made for many purposes,in fact its purpose has changed many a time over the years.Its used for social messages,traditional values and most significantly entertainment.Music forms an integral part of any film as it has the power of enhancing one’s moods.Some filmmakers invest a large chunk of their interest in music rather than the script.The success though can never be predictable and we now peep into the failures of such flicks….


A YashRaj movie with an A-1 star cast and exotic locations couldn’t save the film of its delirious fate.The one aspect that stood out was music.Excellent compositions from Shankar Ehsaan Loy with tracks such as the title track,Bol Na Halke with wonderful lyrics from Gulzar was a real treat to music lovers.The magic to the ears couldn’t convert on screen with a flawed script and poor performances.This should have done far better than what it had got.


Another movie from the Chopra banner,the come back of Madhuri Dixit,a dance centric movie,national award winner Konkana Sen didn’t even do  average business.Added to it all,the music of Salim Sulaiman was rock solid and created the much required hype among the masses.The story was too clichéd and the lack of soul in the movie was clearly visible.The audience rejected it instantly and taught the film makers that script is the head, no gloss can substitute it.


Subhash Ghai with Sallu,Kat,Anil Kapoor!A film centered on music!The most important of all maestro A.R.Rahman’s compositions will tempt any film buff.The excitement and the aura about the movie ended immediately after it’s release.An old wine in a new bottle kind of a concept,poor direction,dialogues added to make the movie the biggest of duds.Despite that,the music earned much appreciation from crowds.Ghai couldn’t translate the genius’s tunes in a picturesque form.


Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra after his magnum opus Rang De Basanti  came out with Delhi 6 with the likes of Junior Bachchan,Sonam Kapoor,Rishi Kapoor and an ensemble supporting cast.Rahman was back with a classy album which consisted of rock,folk,melody,duet,classical music that was a perfect mix and the movie only could have been better.To much disappointment,the movie lacked any pace and hardly enthused the viewers.The weird monkey man concept irked the viewer testing his patience incredibly.The heartfelt compositions were utterly wasted by the director.

So when you hear great music around,be wary of your expectations because its not as good as it sounds.


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