The idiocrasies of the marks system……



Marks indicate the potential of the student.It shows the rank of a student.It points out the understanding abilities of a student”

These are the words uttered by every parent who wishes the best for his/her child?After all who doesn’t?Marks are serving as an estimate to the world about a student.But of late,marks have been the sole reason for killing the joy of education.People have lost their senses on what purpose does it serve and ..Ultimately are they benefitted by it?Oh God! What are we upto?Can true talent come out through a written exam?Just spare a thought and a few moments and we would not refuse to say no but it’s the system we have been following and probably will in the future too,so why go against it?Going into it’s grass roots,it has a danger of destroying the intellectual abilities of a student.Never can he enjoy the depth and application of the subject.Just force!force!Put on memory caps before an exam overnight,mug up the text and omit out in the exam.Then its dead and dusted!This is a regular pattern followed by a 1st class student to probably an engineering graduate.That’s why in practical exposure,India has to climb big steps.Never can this happen without major changes in the evaluation structure of an exam.Students are indeed made to forget the essence of the subject just for the sake of marks.Perfection is never achieved,forget that the meaning of academics is entirely lost.Even if there’s enough passion in a student to excel,he always falls as a prey to this ridiculous system.

                 Many education forums,films,associations have often highlighted this issue but for no avail.Films like Taare Zameen Par,3 Idiots keep coming but people have failed to follow it beyond the cinema halls.A testing method is needed,sure,but not such that it affects the morality of a student.The system should be able to highlight the strengths of a student as the capabilities vary from person to person.A education must highlight the exact direction i.e. a particular field in which a student is going to show his aptitude whole through his life.The unduly stress and torture really doesn’t do any good which would mentally destroy a student.

This is not said in anger.It’s said in complete in complete sadness and disappointment.This is in fact an appeal.Never can we go along this tried and tested route ,lest Follow the heart,not mind always.This is for a developing nation which has enough depth and can raise the bars of education.Think big!Students are stepping stones of a nation.Dont crush their tender hearts!!


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