Teacher,an everlasting influence…….

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.-Henry Brooks Adams

The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort.  The tough problem is not in identifying winners:  it is in making winners out of ordinary people.  –K. Patricia Cross

Teaching is  a rare profession of complete selflessness and the one that provides ample satisfaction.Teachers are probably the angels who guide us,instruct us,scold us but only for our good and they indeed have an impact on our entire existence in this universe.Every student has a favorite among his/her teachers who remain in their hearts and understand their feelings like a friend and there’s no exception in my case too.They’ll be etched in my memories as the golden times of my life which i may not revisit again.

                                     What do we expect of a teacher?Keep us in good check of our behaviour,habits,carve out a wonderful personality and most importantly impart enough knowledge in their subject.Each of them have their own methods in expressing themselves.Coming to my teacher,he’s the one who’s endowed with unbelievable simplicity and  a personality that’s redoubtable.His encouragement and will towards my overall improvement is unquestionable.The passion with which he teaches wows me.His patience is nearly enviable and the interest he  takes in making the student perfect is praise worthy.He works for 10 hours a day but the energy and the enthusiasm will be the same to each student of his,such is the conviction to his job.He definitely earns well,but believe me he deserves every penny he gets.

             A man born in a simple middle class Brahmin family,grew up with many difficulties yet his never give up attitude kept him always going.Personally too he was crushed many a time, but he never was bogged down and instead moved on in life which resulted in him getting to a position of strength.To add more feathers to his cap, here’s a real life example.His father in law on his deathbed once told “I do not have a son.I never regretted it.You have been a wonderful husband to my daughter and a formidable son in law,in fact a son.This is enough for me to die peacefully.”

            The time I spent with him as a student in 4 years was a dream and days with his company moved on in a flash.More than a teacher,he was a friend to me,there were many things which I couldn’t share with my parents, but I did so with him.My foundation for Math went on from average to a top notch level under his supervision.I probably didn’t achieve as much as he expected of me,but his ethics,principles,basics will stay on with me until my last breath..To limit myself in describing him in words would do complete injustice.Hope he continues to enlighten more students and shape wonderful careers and hope he enjoys his work like never before.



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