Follow your heart,not mind

Many people in life do things because it is meant to do that way and that’s the safest way to do so.They do things after various estimations in their mind,filter it and come to a decision.Here the monetary aspect is only considered.Where’s the most important factor,the heart ?Where does this find its place?Can it become a part of our life?

                                   Passion for a field and doing well in a field are completely different aspects.Often we think its the same.What is it that separates them?Take an example,I am a student weak at math,I work on it for a month and solve problems aplenty and be perfect in it and after the exam I forget it.Passion is an entirely different facet,its the one that makes you believe you’re going to do well in that for the rest of your life.Basically we wont feel taxed doing it and we rather live in and enjoy that forgetting time and surroundings.But often life puts us in a fix to test our countenance in balancing both of them.What do we do?Passion and survival hanging in the balance equally.Often the choices we make in life are influenced by many “people”.The people here don’t know how well balanced their life is,but are ready to give advice.Advice and constructive criticism is always required,agreed but to a limit because we all get to live once and have to enjoy the journey to the fullest.Its useless to think sitting in the dying ages wishing that had I taken the bold step come what may,my life would have been more fruitful and very significantly satisfying.Remember life never gives a second chance.A person can never know the joy of life until his heart goes into an aspect and  his soul is put into it.Success and failure are a part but at least the work was challenging enough to try out.Every great person had choices to make,the tried and tested path and a challenging path.They often chose the latter as nothing would be as fulfilling as winning a challenge..Its an often quoted example but a true one,Tendulkar had ups and down in his 20 long career but never he thought he has lost the love for the game for, life is nothing without cricket for Sachin.

                              Life is a short,puzzling ,testing journey.Its a short one too.Don’t involve unnecessary calculations.Make best of the opportunities you have around and work hard until you get your best.Childhood,first love,life,marriage all happen only once,they don’t come knocking your door very often.Be sure,firm,passionate of your interest for it’ll never let you down.Follow your heart and not mind….

“Aim for excellence and success will follow you”


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