A take on the “POWER” 5…….

Being in India,there are always a few areas which you can never leave out of your talks or chats.They never cease to exist.Here’s my take on the most talked about 5 topics i.e. power 5


Which day has not started or has gone by without a newspaper,television,radio or internet?It has such a creative power on influencing people’s thoughts,ideals nationally and globally.Since its beginning,it has evolved from being a national awakening medium to a complete business object.

          The sincerity,truth that had subsisted for long is slowly shriveling up.For drawing in our eye balls,media agencies are resorting to cheap  gossip news, rumours ,controversies and what not.TRP’s,sensationalism seem to be the order of the day.The common man’s faith has too  slackened in the media and truth seems to be completely projected out of the picture.Ensnaring the media into the trap is of course politics,about which we shall discuss later and corruption,the inalterable hazard of our nation.It’s time the big bosses come out of the so called race and put business equations off and elicit truth out in its best honest form.


If cricket is a religion,Sachin is god!”

The sport that generates excitement to every nook and corner to the country has been one of the most unifying factors of the nation.Cricket is celebrated and followed as a religion with people coming together for cheering their team with unnerving hope.You’ll never pass by a street where you wouldn’t witness a child playing this sport,for it enthuses everyone beyond the barriers of age,religion,colour,caste.Sachin’s brilliance,Gavaskar’s class,Kapil Dev’s sixes have all the more encouraged the young guns into the game.Some people play for pure joy,some to have a good hit with the bat and some to blaze all guns with their all-round capabilities.

Making into the Indian XI is a big thing and not only can talent do it but you need a combo of luck attached with it too.It takes a lot to be an international cricket player.Net sessions,Fielding practice,Fitness regimes can take toll of a player’s physical and mental capabilities.So lasting in international cricket is a true character test and not many can last the tide.Coming to the negative aspect,favoritism on the basis of zones has been existing from long and will never end probably.Money,influence can land you to any position in the game,particularly in India.This is a harsh truth every aspiring cricketer ought’s to remember.


Ask any teenager what are the things you cannot live without?Definitely,cell phone would add on to the list.Such is its influence  on our daily life.Multiple applications coalescing into a single portable device and put in speakers and other functionalities packaged wonderfully,you have a mobile in your hands.It has revolutionized human existence and communication making things much simpler as each day passes by.

Somewhere down the line,if it goes down to addiction,i guess it also tends to affect human relationships too.Life becomes mechanical and we tend to give materialistic things more of an importance.So balancing both of them is the key.If handled well enough,yes it’s presence is rocking!So know where to draw the line because relationships are delicate,don’t let’em off the hook.


Politics has been far from being honest in India.Gone are the days when people enter politics for public service,gone are the days where people had hope in their “leaders”!In short,Politics has become a bad word for the masses.Money,caste,religion plays a bigger role than the service most politicians of the nation today do.Any issue or an attack,the blame game starts.The Center starts blaming the other nation,Opposition starts blaming the former and this goes on from party to party,person to person and the matter dies up so quickly and how.Forgetting on how to solve an issue,our politicians do every possible thing to deviate it.When will this change?

When will a common see a politician helping him out in a crisis,share their pain like a mother,guiding like a father and standing up like a leader?Drastic changes in the mental set up are required to solve our problem.How long can we bear it?How many a time we’ll choose the best of the worst?These are startling questions we surely need an answer to.The politicians often need to remember that people form the government,their job is to handle the state/nation.If we can make a government,we can overthrow it too.Wake up SIRS,before it’s too late!


Indian films always have been popular worldwide and with huge marketing boom,it’s making great business abroad.Hindi cinema always had an inner voice in it’s films in the golden era of the 1970’s and 80’s.The mix of Amitabh,Rajesh Khanna,Raj Kapoor,Guru Dutt with film makers like Hrishikesh Mukherjee,Prakash Mehra aided by the well known Salim Javed say it all.Surely such talent will make anyone stand up and take note.Though the future generation of SRK,Aamir,Salman,Akshay Kumar have done momentous work,they could never reach the classy heights of the yesteryears.

As every field would have it,there’s a bad side to this one too.Personal ego’s between actors,regular cat fights between the heroines make it look really ugly at times.But in terms of movies,they’re definitely heading in the right direction with the main focus on script rather than male or female leads.This is a wonderful phenomenon and hope it paves way for more such films like Lagaan,TZP,MNIK and so on.So Good Going Bolly!Keep it up!

These “power” 5 rule the roost in today’s chatter among our circle and this is my take on them.Do let me know yours for the “talk” to proceed!!:-)



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