37 and still learning……


Greatness is a term often misquoted and honoured to some undeserving ones.The greats hardly care about the labels given to them,just move on and on and do their best in what they excel.Fame too similarly isn’t easy to handle.You need modesty and satisfaction to accept that.Still didn’t get it?The above note was just a small description of the unassailable little master Sachin Tendulkar who recently turned 37 on April 24,2010.

                   21 years ago,a short chap,barely 5 foot,despite any domestic experience made his foray into international cricket against our most fancied “neighbour” Pakistan.Short balls,bouncers,yorkers against a perilous bowling attack,Sachin braved it all and how many times?Two mighty decades.Who would have thought a guy who had got a last minute inclusion in the Indian team would be the world’s best batsman alongside Bradman,Gavaskar?Born in Mumbai to Sau Rajani and Sri Ramesh Tendulkar,Sachin rose from a humble background  overcoming many hurdles to reach his contemporary status in this game.

Making it to the national team was the first challenge and he had conquered it successfully.So what next,the basic thing,survival?Did he have it in to endure a long run in this unpredictable ever-changing game?This is where the master won the mental aspect of the game and worked very hard and gave everything in his stint on the field.Never have the records or achievements gone above his head and the statement given by himself clarifies this

“I have never thought where I will go, or forced any targets on myself.”

He obviously had seriously delicate times in his standing in this game.Many suggested him to retire immediately after the disastrous campaign of 2007 World Cup.He never got bothered by those tumultuous periods,but has indeed grown from it.Even till date,the preparation he undergoes for every game is the same,be it a practice match,T-20 Game,ODI or Tests.

“At least with me, the match starts much, much earlier than the actual match”

He has indeed conveyed that survival is all more remaining modest and advance in the game rather than getting overwhelmed by applause and bogged down by criticism.An owner of such great talent and  unperturbed self control,he still feels Cricket is more of a team game and nothing else.This sounds so true especially when the possessor of utmost respect worldwide says it.

Off the field he has his own forms of recreation,the main feature being spending personal time with his loved ones.Father of two children,Arjun and Sarah,the champion makes it a point not to over involve cricket in his conversations and fairly distance it instead.He gives enough respect to the game though, so does personal life deserves it and he has maintained that balance so very effectively.Vinod Kambli who charmed through a brief period in the Indian team is a childhood mate of the master.He goes on to say..

”Nothing has ever changed in Sachin.He’s as child like and as naughty as before.He’s never allowed fame,glory to affect his character.He deserves every bit of what he gets.”

Despite all these he credits his captains,co-players who have had undue faith in him as a player and helped him in this successful journey.He still feels he hasn’t had enough of the game but he’s sure of one thing,he’ll continue to play as long his love for cricket never fails him or his physical fitness would get the better of him.

I am 37 and still learning”

Neither words nor sayings would justify what he has done for the game.It’s certainly difficult to estimate how invaluable he’s as a team player and an icon.Never would just one article glorify a genious perfectly,probably never can one because

 “Genious isn’t a man of  words but a man of action”

.We can just say one thing at the moment.

Go on Master!Go on!


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