Truth should and will only prevail……….

Movies,at least in India are meant for true entertainment and a stress busters for employees and many other sections of life.When they are filled with in a noble content nourished with entertainment,a viewer will have something to take home with and the filmmakers too are a satisfied lot  .This one didn’t manage the latter part but touched my heart for the sincerity the movie was made with by S.M.Abbas.

After a tiring Friday,to chill myself out here came the Raj Kapoor starrer Shriman Satyawadi which was released in 1960 which focusses on how truth has become an ugly word to this society.One more aspect about the movie is that,despite the movie being made 5 decades ago it still maintains connectivity with the viewer.Probably that’s why Raj Kapoor’s films have an immortal quality and his films still enchant many film lovers.

                            The film journeys on an honest guy who believes nothing can replace truth and ethics and those values will sometime or the other come in handy.The male lead Vijay(Raj Kapoor) is born to a businessman who runs a medical shop.Vijay is survived by his father who earns his bread and butter with utmost trustworthiness.Vijay was made to learn the harsh realities of uttering truth from his early ages.The co business men then get jealous of his fathers growing recognition for his reliability and plot a plan to bring him down.Vijay’s father by that time gets ill and the doctor informs he hardly has a few days left in his life.Later he falls a prey to the plotted plan and not withstanding the shock,succumbs to death.


The doctor then takes the responsibility of growing up Vijay and his life is built on foundations of truth and nothing can ever substitute it.He then completes his formal education and marches into Mumbai to find his living.He stays in his uncles house and ventures into their company as an executive in their ad agency.He there comes across Kishore(Mehmood)his childhood friend.Meanwhile love blossoms between Vijay and Shakila(Uncles daughter) and Kishore plays the spoilsport.As life goes on,Kishore’s father plans on an alliance with Shakila and rob her father’s worth.Kishore does a mega plan of a wrinkle free cream and makes tall claims about it.He puts forward his plan to Shakila’s father and the latter is impressed.Though Vijay insists on the chemical test of the cream before its launch,none pay heed to his advice .The cream’s then given a huge scale launch and quickly grabs the eyeballs of the customers.Confusion resumes then,when people complain of weird side effects and question it’s entire purpose.Kishore’s claims were of no basic avail.Vijay then clarifies all mystifications regarding the product and tells that the chemical test hadn’t been performed before the launch.This straightforwardness annoys his uncle and he’s ultimately fired out of the job.He soon finds the job of a salesman and he’s made to face the axe due to the same word “honesty”.A well acclaimed journalist is quite impressed with his straight forward quality and offers him a job.Vijay gleefully accepts and becomes an editor.He’s soon the talk of the town for his in-depth investigations and thoughtful writings.But suddenly an old man lands up in his office claiming that his son was dead consuming a pain killer which was brought from his uncles agency.He digs in the actual reality behind the issue and finds out that Kishore and his father were the real culprits of the situation making money selling cheap quality products that pass hardly any standard.Fate had its way of catching up with the wrong doer and Vijay earns his respect which was due for a long time and the film ends on a happy note.

                              Though the film has traces of Shree 420 in the honesty aspect,the other parts were quite different, well structured and enacted.30 minutes into the movie and you’re sunk into Vijay’s world and we forget the actor portraying it.That’s called acting and that’s class.Raj Kapoor’s uncanny knack of managing comedy and emotions at once is real quality to be observed.Never do the characters make us feel they ‘rent believable. In the post interval the film’s pace slackens  and the scenes appear more clichéd.Nevertheless the chemistry between the lead pair  makes it up.Shakila’s never over the top and does her bit with a unique charm.Mehmood isn’t at his best but fits in well enough.The journalist character too is very noble in character and though there’s limited screen space it’s presence adds solidity to the movie.

                              The movie doesn’t make it into the list of classics but will make for a good watch on a lazy evening.It has a moral and with accomplished acting performances from the cast,it’ll keep you satisfied.This movie’s far better than the crap we’re put up to by the so called actors of today.Decent script,efficient screenplay,reasonable music!It’s a well packaged neat entertainer for a family! Refresh yourself with this!!Remember ,truth will and only prevail!Though late,it yields success and ensures a purposeful existence.


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