Scorching summers,melting souls….

Umbrellas,juice centres,air conditioned malls,air coolers at home,a movie in a multiplex…Well, these are the few things we do to protect ourselves from the heat wave this summer.If not what can we do?Temperatures soaring day by day rising to a miraculous 44 degree Celsius,Hyderabad couldn’t have asked for anything worser.In this torture,a flock of entrance examinations hit students at the most amusing timings.Employees,students,teachers,aged,young ones,no respite..We have to bear the brunt!The Cyclone Laila had Hyderabad chilled for at least 2 days.

A flock of summer camps,”educational courses”,clubs are a few options to make us breathe easier in these testing times.Swimming,alternately is one of the best choices to exercise,keep ourselves fit and to enjoy too.The cold waters beating upon our faces bring an immense relief under the tireless sun flashing its heat inexplicably.



Forgetting these hardships,summer is also a season of mangoes and who doesn’t know that!To chill it up,Watermelon to ooze our senses,ice creams to gorge our taste buds,cool drinks to hang out with..!Well,the best aspect of it,holidays the time we make out to spend time with our loved ones.Eating a meal,watching a movie,fighting with them is always special.These memories go down the lane as one of the best in our lives.That innocence,happy-go-lucky nature will never come back.Growing up as adults,we forget the basic purpose of living life for others and get cold hearted,develop jealousy,grudges,egos making life much more complicated.Why worry now,when we have a bottle of that?Coming back,we hope the holidays just go on and on and these merry moments prosper for a long time.When the time comes for their departure,the train signal,the waving of a good bye,the hope of meeting next year,all emotions come out at once,the tear jerking moment and we feel every joy is shattered in our life.The wait for another summer makes the bond all the more special.So,life isn’t sweet baby!

IPL,20-20 world cup have marked the beginning of this summer.Its great that both are done finally.The overkill of cricket in summer just as a pure business has done little good to both cricket and us.It has made us simply sit in front of the television making us couch potatoes.The season saw a lot of movies coming in,with majority of them turning out to be bloomers.Except for Housefull and Badmaash Company,none of the movies have made a mark.The fact that these both movies itself were tacky affairs meant hell for film lovers.Kites,with an amazing star cast ,Hrithik returning 2 years post his magnum opus Jodha Akbar turned out to be a body beautiful minus soul kind of a flick.Made with a budget more than 100 crores the film has a lot of work before it manages to recover its revenues.Raavan and Rajneeti release in early June amidst humungous expectations.God knows how good they’ll turn out to be!Big names,Big budgets…always a risk!

As the vacation season nears an end,the study season begins.Barely 20 days left and normalcy all over again!!The hectic daily schedules,homework,assignments,projects..Ah!!For the students who completed their 12th,the ride will begin now though.The colleges begin hardly in September and 3 months to go!The joy of a lifetime..parties,movies,friends..!For degree students,the exams begin,so adrenalin raising,tension pumping in for them(infact me).On a whole,Summer is like a well packaged commercial movie with love,romance,sentiment,sadness,thriller aspects.Its a cycle we cannot avoid,its a season we cannot hide,its a part of the year we cannot forget and its a saga that cannot have a halt.


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