The Twittereality!


Twitter when referred in an Oxford Dictionary tells that it’s a succession of light tremulous sounds by birds.But,the thing we’re up to here is very giant birds chirping.The highest used social networking site Twitter has witnessed immense popularity in an year or so.More so,with the giants beginning to use it.Started with Priyanka Chopra and now we even see yesteryear greats like Shammi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan in it.Such is the power of the medium and such is the rise in connectivity between a common man and a well established celebrity.A star can so easily access his fans at a single place and get in touch with them and ditto for the fans.As each day passes by we see a handful entering this world.

The main advantage associated with Twitter is its simplicity in usage.One more aspect for sure is it maintains privacy regarding email id’s and other personal info.The fact that Facebook has started losing its uniqueness due to increased dangers of leaking confidentiality.Coming to Orkut,it has lost many of its users due to fake profiles,one dimensional chatting and irritating hackers.So Twitter has indeed risen from these faults of the others.Plus the short message limit makes it easy for making time to read,expressing feelings.

The same popularity was witnessed with blogs when Big B started it as early as 2008.Soon everyone found it simple to have a blog to comment on issues,aspects,controversies or daily happenings.The likes of SRK,Bhajji,Akshay Kumar all were going great guns with them but the exit was as sudden as their entry and interest died down.But Big B in his late 60’s still continues to do so every single day since 760 odd days.That doesn’t mean he just fills it with some rubbish.It has soul,heart just as his films do.But on a whole,blogging seemed less of a better option due to its length and the time for reading it.People hardly have time to settle their relationships!What will they for this?SO +2 again for Twitter.

The entire celebrity wagon is on twitter including sportsmen,filmmakers,producers,artists,writers,authors,journalists and so on.This has really enriched our skill of conveying our mood in a crispy form,short and sweet.Thats what today’s generation wants.Currently,Twitter is a wonderful companion for a bored soul.Its better we adjust to the “Twitterealities” of life.There are many tweeple and many tweets to entertain you out there.Follow me  @vathsan_for_u !

I barely have a dozen following me!People talk of lakhs!


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