Writing,an art which never loses its charm

People use writing for many purposes.Some consider it as a profession,some consider it a way to express themselves,some consider it a way to talk to our inner soul.Ultimately it’s an art that can never be mastered for we’re humans and errors are part and parcel of our life.Its often said a person can be judged through his writings.True,because a person will exhibit his positivity or negativity with his word usage and one can recognize it in a jiffy.

                             One may be good or bad at this aspect,but it’s such a wonderful idea of penning down his/her thoughts.Grammatically correct or not,it doesn’t matter until and unless it gives happiness.When in my primary school,I would be the last person to be interested in writing down a lengthy essay of frustrating topics such as Environment,Co-Education System and so on.I was never the one to impress the teacher ‘cause my work neither had any heart nor proper content to go with.Over the years,I just considered it as a compulsory exercise and never took it seriously.But as time passed on,I wanted a medium as a mirror of myself and share my opinions and secrets with it.There the journey of writing began for me and it took 15 years to realise that I could write better than what I think of.Francis Beacon, a famous journalist of the 18th century once said “Speech makes a learned man,Conference makes a thorough man and Writing makes an exact man”.We’ve many ideas and thoughts running through our mind.Putting in a written form isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.Its in fact a challenge to put it into paper.

Until and unless if its a profession,writing can never be forceful.Its a call within yourself to do it.For me,a day is never complete without a diary entry or a blog otherwise.So many events happen in a day,some stick with you and some don’t.In terms of academics,writing still has its significance because a true learner will write before hand to analyse his understanding of the subject.The marking system through writing rather than understanding is a debatable topic though.

Professional Writing needs to be thought provoking and impartial to start with.The writer shouldn’t fall into the trap of going over the line in both praise and criticizing.A reader needs to get an exact picture whatever we convey.The talent lies in the imagery we create in their minds.The thought needs to grow like a child.Start in a simple way,build your idea and make the reader sink into the topic.Be it an article,story,review,novel the same rule is maintained.

                        Writing can never get boring as it brings a new dimension of ourselves when we pen down any issue.It knows no age.A child,an adult and aged people are equally capable of pulling it off.Its because of our mind,we hardly use one third’s of our most valuable part,brain.It isn’t any rocket science.I treasure each moment and each word I write and my joy knows no bounds when the result executes as planned.So I wont complicate this anymore,just feel it yourself and tell me your experience.Those who do,hope you’ve had a good ride.As we know,it’s an art that can or will never lose its charm.


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