Karate Kid is your best bet this weekend…..!

Frankly speaking, I’m very selective about watching English movies.I’ve quite a few apprehensions about them.Somehow,only few movies tend to impress me.Although I’m no great in judging them,I somehow prefer the Indian filmmaking methods which are more connective to  viewers than the western ones.After a tedious ‘Transformers’2,peppy ‘Proposal’,whacky ‘Hangover’,interesting ‘Vegas’,I decided to have some real fun this time around.Exams were done finally and I couldn’t complain.Karate Kid made it to the list with no Hindi or regional movies in the offing.I was thrilled to make time for this one.Here we begin..

Statutory Warning:My knowledge about Hollywood is very poor,so please bear with me if so with the spellings.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker have a child,Dre Parker.They live in Detroit.To an unfortunate turn of fate,Dre loses his father.His mom makes her living through a job in a car factory.Consequently,she is transferred to China.A new life,a new beginning as they part ways with Detroit and head into the worlds most populous nation.

Welcome to China!The duo of the mother and son are invited as ‘Mrs.Packer’.Life takes tumble for Dre,the language,the surroundings mean complete disaster for the young one.The story then launches into Dre’s emotions in an alien world.A fight the first day he enters China,the people,their actions and the old Buddhist structures/idols don’t impress him at all.He repeatedly gets provoked for a tangle and mostly falls a prey for it.Meanwhile,a déjà vu  romance brews in between him and a Chinese girl.She plays the violin exceptionally and that’s her life.She soothes in Dre’s vulnerabilities and helps him settle.They have sheer fun,enjoy each others company and develop a wonderful rapport.

The child then develops a fascination for learning Kung-Fu while visualizing the discipline,focus and stunts of a famous academy.There sets in Mr.Han.He becomes his friend,teacher and engulfs vigour and spirit inside Dre.The former is a loner who lost his wife and son to a terrible accident.A teacher of Kung-Fu throws an open challenge to Han to prepare Dre for the tournament.Dre’s really pumped and the tumultuous training sessions begin.Dre has a habit of throwing his jacket haywire in his house which frequently angers his mom.Han who takes a notice of this makes him repeatedly put his jacket on and off and resumes his training session much to the amusement of Dre.This activity continues for days and days and Dre’s frustrated.He’s had enough.At least he thinks so.Han then explains his real intent behind such actions.Kung-Fu is all about swift movements and quick reflexes.It’s omnipresent.Han then takes Dre to the roots of Kung-Fu which is nothing but focus.It’s a method of making peace with your enemy.It’s about being still and it’s a process to make your enemy imitate your actions and take charge.He takes him to a place where the former mastered the art and develops a sense of purpose in Dre’s life.There follows a series of breath taking visuals confined with structures of unimaginable heights and tough time for Dre.He passes the test and both share an unusual bond beyond that of a master and his disciple.The remaining plot deals with surprises and shocks and how Dre ultimately gets above them.

A simple story with a lot of heart.That’s apt for Karate Kid.Jaden Smith is a true inheritor of all acting genes his father possesses.Situational expressions,excellent stunts,beautiful romance,he performs and lives in that role with an unconventional ease.This is probably the only movie that has showcased a child actor’s talent on par with Taare Zameen Par.Though both are incomparable in terms of the script,the similarity lies in the fact that they bring so much out of an actor beyond barriers.

He depicts the nerves,tensions and his eyes speak volumes.Words fall short for the composure of the Mr.Cool Jackie Chan.He stands tall as a pillar of support for the child and generates wonderful chemistry with Jaden Smith.His mastery at action doesn’t require any description.A master,a man of principles,suits him perfectly and it’s an icing on the cake for him.The mother though has a short screen space but evokes in a brilliant presence.The Chinese girl is remarkably sweet and the moments both Jaden and she share are splendid with heartfelt charm.The bad guy role portrayed by another Chinese looks fierce and and brutal.On a whole it’s a treat to watch them all together.


Despite the cast delivering a promising display,there are quite a few clichés in the story that should have been avoided.Too many fights in the first half doesn’t fit in that well.Few scenes of the Jackie Chan episode too seem out of context.Barring these slip-ups it’s a great ride.The screenplay is wafer tight.Though the story line is thin,the presentation will sweep you of your feet.The snake episode,the climax stand out as the best ones.The visuals as mentioned is simply dazzling.The Great Wall of China,Beijing and many other amazing locales add to the delight.Music is never over the top but ensures the mood flows in the narrative as desired.The stunts are probably the best you’ll come across.

Watch this for

  • Jaden Smith
  • Slick Action
  • Amazing fun!


I’m very happy to have made time for this one.This one will bring smiles to the kids and joy to the aged.Don’t miss this this!Its your best bet for a lazy weekend.Go grab your space in the halls!




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