Never let emotions overpower your life…….

In life,we have many hassles,problems that come up in daily life that affect our routine and tend to destroy our inner self.Frustrations,mood swings are common for everyone and we can hardly imagine life without those small and petty issues that irritate us.Frequency is a factor that makes or breaks relationships,we move on with and some we don’t.We’re neither perfect nor anyone,so the best way is to not judge a person too much because we too aren’t any good either.That’s reality and we’ve grown up like this.We can never expect happiness at regular intervals,sadness for any less of them.

                          When we sail this boat,many incidents and memories change our view completely about life.Such as a marriage,a divorce,a break up,a death,a loss of job and many more.The way recover and come up tells what we’re made up of.If we’re frustrated with a person and the argument is heading nowhere near a solution,what do we do?Beating them up or slapping is the first option.But is the matter resolved?No,in fact it shatters the person who did this act rather than the one who faced it.Hand getting control over the mouth and the resolve to sort the issue out takes a backseat.This is however just an example regarding an emotion.

If on a personal note,the separation I had to undergo with my parents for staying in a place that disinterested me,my heart got crushed.I couldn’t handle any task effectively and everything felt out of place.As a result I had to take a decision and the easiest option,leave the place.I gave up a god provided challenge and lost an opportunity to prove my mental capabilities.Never let this happen to you.An emotion named ‘attachment’ made me weak.This may not even seem a issue for the bold hearted for they withstand any storm and stand tall.These are few such moments that let you take a step ahead in life.Although you may not prove anyone,it’s your satisfaction that’ll help you rise above your fears.Put up a brave face and never lose hope.

                      We just talked about two emotions,anger and attachment which arise in life very often.That’s basically a simple reason,we see children a lot more better than adults.Every action they perform is natural and so straight out of the heart.No egos,expectations just pure expression.We indeed need to imbibe many values from them.Wonder,how many will retain such innocence and mirror like clarity in the latter stages of our lives?

It’s all a part of this ugly game.There’ll be good,bad and the worst.Be firm like a foundation and unleash your efforts in doing rather than telling.Never let a situation crush you at any cost.Never let the morals we so gleefully learnt in our tender ages fall a prey to an emotion.It’s about resisting them and moving on.Never let this boat sink!


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