My unique moment of madness!

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Madness is something so special you so much crave for, to enjoy the spice of life.It makes you take and recognize the lighter and funnier side of yourself with the laugh out loud moments.Never can a life be special without moments of ultimate madness,forgetting whatever the sequences may arise.So here’s my truly weird experience that occurred quite a few years back and I till date feel embarrassed of myself for this one.

The days trace back to my boarding school located in the outskirts of Hyderabad.It was a weekend and there’s an event scheduled every now and then.The turn was for singing and we were accordingly divided into houses and a representative for each one.Make no qualms about it,I was barely in the hunt to get a nod for this one.Neither I had any proper knowledge nor the finesse required for a stage performance.I was simply humming a song that sounded good.A guy from no where pops up my name and tells he’s a good singer.I didn’t ever recognize how could one ever get such a thought?!I was unbelievably reluctant.But to my surprise,every one were there to convince me that I indeed had the cutting edge in my voice to make it through.The pressure was unbelievably piling up and I had to agree.To add to the bizarreness,it was a regional song that I had to sing and my expression was like regret:-).We rehearsed it for a while and everyone were surprised,on the positive note too!I was never so astonished.Our turn came then.The show had to begin.

Our performance was the last and so was the ghastly response.I began singing and there was an unusual air of silence.I continued doing so and soon the response became “Oh!Not this guy anymore!”.The situation became so out of hand that I almost started clapping and cheering for myself.The audience response too started wavering and it kept the signature like “He’s making a fool out of himself!”.I too breathed a huge sigh of relief after my “historical” work.I felt truly out of place and really bad on letting my group down.But despite any fear,I had a feeling of an achievement.A few days later,I couldn’t imagine how stupid I was and the madness of my “work”.I laughed myself thinking about the extremity I had gone to and never can I forget the response.It’s a significant moment of madness that convinced me that I could give a stage performance and that has been my last performance till date.I never dared to do one more,since it’ll become one more addition to the list.It may not be memorable,but one sure to rake in through my memory for quite a long time,at least till i get on stage once again(Don’t be scared!).

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2 thoughts on “My unique moment of madness!

  1. he he he I ahd similar situation in 10th class i was in a boarding school , and i ahd to sing a song it was funny in the end everyone walked out … 🙂

    all the best for the contest

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