Is Indian media misusing its freedom?

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With all the mass media concentrated in a few hands, the ancient faith in the competition of ideas in the free market seems like a hollow echo of a much simpler day.  –Kingman Brewster, Jr


Freedom is a vast ocean which is used and misused by quite a lot of people in quite a lot of ways.Some of them through their actions,some through their words never seem to know the border to be drawn.Actually where does it start from?Is it that our position in the society changes it?Is it an influence spread?. Freedom breeds in through our younger ages when we demand it from parents.In that age we surely don’t know what that conveys but we want it any cost.Young blood refuses to see both the sides of the coin.Freedom begins from there,it may be constructive but once you step in the wrong path,there’s no coming back.It sucks you in so deeply,morals and ethics will be paid no heed.Indian media too is heading through a similar direction which aims only at attraction basing least on validity and ethnicity.Gone are the days when media emerged as a weapon for nationalism.It’s just a sick business!

Sensationalism seems to be the order of the day.News is being sold,not told.Any common man would dream and aim to reach greater heights some day.So his biggest interest is to know about  people who’ve made it huge and whose stature multiplies everyday.That miniscule excuse is enough for the media to exaggerate things beyond proportion.A star does a film with a popular actress and they’re a couple overnight.Graphic images shown and telecast across all newspapers and television channels.Rumours break in from the so called ‘close associates’ of the celebrities.As expected,that issue becomes the talk of the town.Each channel goes on a proclamation that they had broken this piece first and the war goes on.Unnecessary attention to their personal life is so very disturbing when there’re burning issues to report on.An SRK release,a naxal attack the latter is forgotten as its an issue worth no “importance” for our masses and a hero is hailed for his performance.Yes,people will be interested in knowing a bit about the renowned but not so deep in to know about their relationship status and  other intricate personal details.Each space should have its own charm and dignity.News shouldn’t degrade itself of it’s quality and remain sincere to the factual aspects.

With more than a four dozen channels operating,it’s difficult for a spectator to base his opinion on any particular one.Each of them have their own evidences and proofs and we aren’t in a position to decide.Recently the hanging of Kasab for example,was completely blown out beyond sizeable limits.A person who’s responsible for the lives of over a hundred people deserves a harsh punishments and no speculations about it.Death,hanging,jail term are all possible options but who’s media to take law in their hands?Who’re they to force a decision in a court?Aren’t the judges and the lawyers qualified or valid enough to make a fair judgement?Here the basic essence of journalism of being impartial and unbiased is thrown aside and business takes over.Isn’t media responsible to convey information as it is?The standards have truly stooped beyond repair.Corruption,politicisation have taken over almost all shades and glitter off this field.For example,Headlines Today tells Ranbir and Deepika break up and Ranbir doesn’t even know it.Where do they get the liberation to post a status about any person without even their knowledge?(This is just an imaginary situation and no channel is highlighted here)

You don’t realize how little accuracy there is in network TV reporting until they cover a story in your hometown.  -Robert Brault


Taking light of other topics,coverage of natural disasters,tragedies,bomb attacks haven’t been promising either.A person is almost dying in an attack for example and instead of arranging an ambulance for him,a reporter goes and asks him the whereabouts of the event and by the time the camera is off,his life too is off.The channel in red and bold text starts rolling through all the information about the event that doesn’t make even little sense or mark of intelligence.A farmer commits suicide due to his crop failure and what does a journalist do?Instead of highlighting the irresponsibility of the higher groups in the respective area,they go and question what do you feel about your husband’s death?What would an answer be?The channel ‘cashes’ in the sympathy of the viewer raking up its TRP.Does this mean responsibility?Is this the reason for taking up journalism as a career option?Journalism makes you common to pains and that’s the saddest part of it.That doesn’t mean you go to any extent in elaborating the delicacy of the situation.

The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything.  Except what is worth knowing.  Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands.  -Oscar Wilde,

The above incidents just showcase how media has taken its rights and status in a society for granted!Investigations,factual reports,reality depiction are a part of media,but that doesn’t grant them any longer shoes.Be where you are supposed to and interpret truth as it is.It takes guts and lot of heart to be authentic.But once if that faith is generated in people,it is irreplaceable better the media agencies realise it at the earliest.Remember,freedom is contagious.Here’s a citizen wishing to know the truth as it is in the best form.I hope it’ll emerge soon and it can’t be hidden anymore.We’ve had enough.Use your wits!Media,don’t take it for granted!You’ve freedom but that’s just about it and stay where you’re.


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