Corrupt Wealth Shame

Common-Wealth-Games-2010 When India won the bid for hosting the Commonwealth Games(2010)in 2003 the nation erupted in joy. A moment that had a glaring edge to capitulate India to heightened glory, now turns to be a situation that mirrors utter disgrace heading no where near accomplishment nor any tinge of completion. So what have we done all over the years? First of all, who is there to blame? Will this blame game ever end? Will our nation ever learn its lessons? To what extent have taken this issue for granted? This disrepute is an ugly mix of politics, money, corruption, insincerity, call it whatever. Barely a fortnight to go, we see ourselves breathing danger. The names never seem to end and as the day nears, the fear seems to be growing higher day by day in  channelizing  this huge event. Excuses, last minute delays, hurried baseless statements seems to be the order of the day. Will our disgust ever be heard?

     Millions, crores hard earned money that we pay as taxes are bundled by the government to fund this huge loot fest. Filled stadiums,pompous, colourful lightings, competitive players , on the whole a spectacle to dream and rave about is what we’ve seen from Melbourne last time around. Can Delhi ever hold its feet up to match them? The way we’ve dealt with it, we can expect no more than a half baked stadium, lifeless crowd and injured players. We’re tired of this. Aren’t we? A proper conduction of such a tournament would signify the amount of effort we we put up to augur the extraordinary spirit of sportsmen.

    Our so called leaders, politicians and ministers instead of accepting the blame are blatantly putting up a brave face which signifies nothing but cowardice at its best. In fact, Sheila Dikshit (CM of Delhi) who refused to accept the blame for the delay in the maintenance work of the stadium goes on to tell, "The rain gods don’t seem to be happy with us”. Oh, Is it madam? That’s an example for going completely off gear in preparations which were supposed to be ready by early March and where are we headed now? Quite comically our sports minister Mr.Gill even went to exclaim ” We’re happy to announce that the stadiums have reached the completion stage and there comes a moment where it’ll make India really proud”. The basic reason behind all this has gone much beyond, we’ve no doubts in guessing that very (in)famous personality, here we present Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the master of the g(sh)ame. Utilising all the resources intended for this purpose, he’s taken corruption and insincerity to an extremely lunatic level. Hats off to these personalities who’ve set a bar for other ones to follow. These are the people whom we’ve enthroned and hence we’re as equally creditable in choosing them. Hail Indian politics, Wow!

    India in terms of the tourism industry is experiencing a tremendous lull after a few unfortunate series of events. The same people who once flocked India to witness its cultural prowess now seem to flounder about their plans in cancelling them. Security forms a very substantial part of any nation and we’ve been exposed. Quality sportsmen worldwide have dropped out of this event for this very reason. Viewing the current chaos the situation doesn’t seem to move about any better. It’s no better than a catastrophe that’s about to be unleashed of its full blooded power.

   Publicity is an important aspect of any event. A spectator needs to be enthused to pocket his money out for a match. As often it turns out to be, the theme song of the tournament by A.R.Rahman had no slice of oomph or spirit unlike Waka Waka for football that gripped the crowds. On every front, this event has gone awry, be it the grounds, be it the security or publicity, we were clueless. Funds getting personal, compromise taking over standardisation and that’ll lead our recipe to be a wholesome disaster. As Chetan Bhagat justifies this “ Money has eaten into our politicians and so is this loot fest. Lets boycott the event, lets not promote a sub standard event”. Will you watch an Indian cricket team fighting it over the fading giants Australia or will you cheer for an already half lost battle? Think hard. Decide for yourself.


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