A meticulously crafted work…..

A filmmaker’s flair always lies in presenting a simple story in a visually engaging form that is entrusted with soul,substance and logic.The writers of yesteryears frankly had little to tell, but whatever they could convey, they warmed us with their utmost honesty in doing so. Hrishikesh Mukherjee was no exception. Simple presentation, beautiful situations, glorious performances is what you expect from such a legend. Here we trace back to a work that aptly glorifies his adeptness in crafting a simple story  “Anupama”  that’s alluring , delicate and equally delicious.


Mohan Sharma is a top notch businessman who is gifted with a daughter  Uma at the cost of his wife. This very reason transforms him to drink voraciously . He continuously faults her daughter for ruining his happiness. He isolates her, torments her , traumatizes her and yet adores her when drunk. Uma is grown up in an atmosphere where she hesitates to speak, confined to her room and a heart that’s filled with sadness. She wants to speak, but won’t , she doesn’t aspire, desire or expect anything from life.She feels her life was meant to be like this and she couldn’t do anything to confront it.Meanwhile, Sharma’s friend Bakshi too has a daughter Anita whom he brought up with utmost care and love. She’s lively,bubbly and there’s nothing that could stop her from being that. Quite a contrast to Uma, she has a loveable father and he fills her world. Moses, a lawyer,another friend of Sharma is a sheer delight and enjoys his life as a bachelor. He’s ageing but his thoughts aren’t, quite noble at heart these threesome form an awesome group.

       Arun, a well settled chap comes back from the US who has an able friend in the form of Ashok, a writer who’s subtle,crispy and full of heart. He falls for Anita immediately and love sparkles. They’re mad, wild and form a chirpy pair. To celebrate togetherness they plan a tour and Ashok along with his sister and mother too accompany them. Uma feels completely out of shape in such a place but Ashok’s simplicity aided by his sister and mom warms her. Ashok is puzzled to see such a person who’s uncommunicative and aloof at heart. These are the moments that connect them unbreakably and a special bond unleashes. Uma’s undergoing transformation and a positive one that too. Will her true self emerge? Will she ever stand up for herself ? The climax provides a series of interesting and intriguing answers to this empowering enigma.

    As we can learn above, the story is a very delicate one and bad acting or either bad direction could have tarnished such a sensitive script. But having Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore at our disposal we dare expect a blunder. Quality actors mean a lot and this entirely proves it. Enhancing a situation beyond its capacity requires emotions at its natural best and here we see it deliver par excellence. Dharmendra who’s underrated for his comedies and simplicity rather than for his loud and booming characters portrays his role with a dignity that’s rarely seen. As a struggling writer and an able advisor to Uma, he balances his role with an unqualified ease. In a situation Dharmendra explores a statement “ Aap kuch nahin boltein hai, par Aap ki Aankhen sab Kuch kehleti hai”. This very much sums up Sharmila Tagore’s act. Minimal dialogues, wonderful expressions, she is fantabulous in a role that depicts her capabilities to perfection. The director is very instrumental in extracting such an efficient conduct from her. Tarun Bose as a despotic father is stern and stubborn, he enacts his part impeccably. David provides great relief and moments to laugh out loud in a serious film. Job Well Done! Shashikala infuses life into her role and is extremely loveable. Deven Verma has his moments and he utilises them to good effect. Music by Hemant Kumar is an asset to this movie. “Dheere Dheere Machal “, “Kuch Dil Ne Kaha”, “Ya Dil Ki Suno” are compositions which don’t come about so often. It stamps a supreme authority and satiates us wholeheartedly. Last but not the least, the master of the game, Hrishikesh Mukherjee is exquisite in harnessing such talent that’s aesthetical and soulful.He’s literally flawless in his methods and filmmakers of today can learn a thing or two about churning a deft flick that is commercially tangible, creatively satisfying with no level of  compromise. He will be surely missed and this sensitive film would sure be one to remember for years to come by(as it is done now).

Go for this one rather than settling for plot less flicks that try to be different, but being no good. This is sure to make your time worthy..Grab your copy now..

My Take: 4.5/5


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