Robot is a visual spectacle

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Machines aid human existence, they can’t replace human existence

We’ve seen various stories and filmmakers from B.R.Chopra(Naya Daur) to the filmmakers of today aiming to depict this very aspect. It requires guts to make films basing on technology and even more for revelling in it. Shankar in his attempt bridges this gap and emerges successful in capturing his wild imagination through Robot. One just cant stop but acclaim an individual with such exuberant vision and brilliant execution. Robot is an asset to Indian cinema purely for its finesse in technicality, the message it wants to propagate and the method adopted in doing so.

Vaseegaran is an enterprising scientist whose working on to build a Robot that emulates humans, in power,thought and brilliance. He has a love life blossoming alongside Sana. He endears his super machine as a gift to the Indian Army and works hard day and night to evolve it.Christening his Robot as Chitti, he becomes a significant element in his life.When he storms into the real world, he creates magic. Helping a woman deliver a baby, saving humans from a fire accident, dancing.  The world dances to his tunes, awes in admiration of his perfection in all the worldly affairs. As humans do, he too has his own flaws.With greatness comes an increasing danger to sustain it and stand up against all the odds.

      Vaseegaran’s love life in the process is in tantrums when Chitti is interested in Sana and he too starts to show human feelings of love,anger,hatred, jealousy. An unexpected love triangle props up. This leads to a series of unfortunate events that ingresses Chitti to use his power in a negative lane. Conflicts occur, puts human existence in a soup and there begins a battle. Will human’s very own creation become a bane for themselves ? Christened Chitti, will robot overturn Vaseegaran? Check out Robot to receive a reply with such an audacity that’ll stun you, astonish you and leave you craving for more.

                  Generally films that are futuristic and technological in storytelling fail by overdoing their job with intimidating special effects rather than focussing on a concrete plot. Robot though is a class apart and sets a benchmark in this genre. Providing ample moments of utter fun, the flow of the movie is pretty smooth. When deciding on a Shankar film, the audience expects quality entertainment substantiated by a compelling plot. Rajinikanth and Aishwarya as the lead pair in your disposal would only mount the expectations and how well they satiate our senses. Robot isn’t a film, its a festival celebrating technology, entertainment, music with loads of fun.

                Rajinikanth is a symbol of the masses who never fails them. He’s set such high standards for delivering quality entertainment and Enthiran would only add a feather to his cap. To resonate double characters one being human and the other a fruit of his grit, one requires  dignity and who better than Rajini to do? He’s excellent, subtle and gives a clinical performance minus those heroics outclassing his previous works. That’s what champions do, set a barrier and challenge it as the opportunity comes by. His “ishtyle” is incomparable and the ease with which he delivers such earth shattering punchline dialogues is superb. Aishwarya Rai is scintillating to say the least. Swift dance moves, adept expressions and beautiful costumes transform her to a living goddess on screen. Sparks are sure to fly about the unconventional pairing of these two masters. Danny Denzongpa makes full use of his meaty role and is very reliable.

               Manish Malhotra has done an excellent job in designing the costumes. The hues add on to the spectacle expounding such an authenticity and class. Besides the lead himself, visual effects pour soul into the film. The music in sync with the technicality of the flick has great tunes by the maestro Rahman. In songs like “Robot Da”,”Oh Maru Manishi(Pudiya Manida)” the picturisation is spellbinding. This is also very much evident in the scene where we see through the robots multiplying each other and transforming into various shapes. The VFX team coupled with the cinematographer deserve special credit in this case.

              Ultimately it’s a film bestowed with a stamp of Shankar. Unlike his previous film “Sivaji” that was more an advertisement to Rajni’s star status, he invests more thought and prepares a crispy script. Executing such a story would have required a lot of groundwork and forethought and that’s visible on screen. He creates a long-lasting impact by getting about credible performances from the actors. Wandering with such an imagination, he empowers Robot as a heart numbing technical master piece that’s so very original.

                  If there are any loopholes to point about, its the length that which drags a bit in the post interval. The scenes between Robot and Aishwarya too look stretched beyond a point. Nevertheless, these are minor offs in a film that flaunts with science and entertainment. Its an adventure you’ve been waiting for long. This one’s for a universal audience. Never bother about the language you watch, the impact would rip you off your seats.

My take:3.75/5


One thought on “Robot is a visual spectacle

  1. Charan says:

    Yayyy….I watched Endhiran thrice….but aftr readin dis review it feels like ive seen da muv a dozen times :)…..Tooo gud….Vry well said….It surely desrrves da bst review by CNN IBN 🙂

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