Rakht(a) Charitra hits the screen like a bullet….

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I’ll kill you and drink your blood until it satiates my thirst

I’ll rip your flesh apart and gorge on your blood…….

Here’s a world where no one is to be trusted, every one susceptible and there the saga begins. As we echo a dialogue from the movie that summarises the plot,

If the branch is growing too long, gush its stem. Just break it.

The filmmaker who has provided us with “Satya”, “Sarkar”,”Sarkar Raaj” haunts back to his favorite genre hopping up a pot boiling action thriller that gushes for blood every instant. Ravishing with a newfound confidence, Ram Gopal Varma very much supersedes in keeping spectators glued to their seats till the very last moment. Establishing a story from a real life incident, Rakht Charitra is a supremely intense story that never allows the viewers to relax for even a single frame. A tale built on the roots of revenge intertwined with politics, it clutches your heart as it leaps on the narrative ahead.


                            As it is known, the story is based on the real time gangster turned politician Paritala Ravi and his desperation to avenge his father’s death.Renamed as Pratap Ravi, the story deals on the foundations that led this phenomenon experience extremities in life.  Despite being a simple person, what drastic steps would adversities take him to? What is good and bad? What’s the system? As he surges ahead, he realises the hard hitting truths of life, people and ultimately the system. Ravi takes up the path of setting his own system where he decides right and wrong, good and bad.

                            Its the seed that Nagamani(Kota Srinivasa Rao) plants that develops into a full fledged tree that yearns for blood and power. People fall prey to situations and desires. As morals, ethics take a backseat, none are spared. A game full of calculations and plots where there’s no winner ultimately.

                            The best part of Rakhta Charitra is the neutrality factor that it exuberates. It neither glorifies nor undermines any issue, you could call it a straight blatant narration that’s so rarely executed onscreen. Besides, it never allows situation to outweigh a viewers mind, be it emotion, violence or the speckles of silence. Fictionalizing reality requires courage, as it earns more wrath than praises. Moulding it with his own trademark creativity, the director revels in creating a ravishing impact.

                             Vivek Oberoi has finally got a role that he could lock his horns on. Underrated for his performances in “Kurbaan”,”Saathiya”, he grabs hold of the composure required for the role magnificently. Despite minimal dialogues, his expressions convey the depth required for a situation aptly. This could easily go down as his best act till date. Yet, the real surprise package is Abhimanyu Singh as Bukka who effortlessly is menacing, guile and equally dangerous as the bad guy. Though the story focusses on the journey that Ravi transcends, every character is given its own justifiability. Similar are the roles of Kota and Shatrughan Sinha who get minimum screen time yet leave behind a stark impression in this gritty tale. Women in Ramu’s films are restricted “objects” that have little life. In contrast, RC gives them restrained yet powerful characterisations.

                            The background music which worked splendidly for the director previously in Satya and Sarkar aids in RC too creating a whirlwind impact that enhances the film’s  repercussion just about perfectly. Similar to “Govinda, Govinda” in Sarkar, Ramu switches on to “Rakta Rakta Rakta Charitra” that gives the film a perfect racy feel in intense situations.

                             On the whole, we get a lot more than we expect of RC. Ram Gopal Varma experiments well with varied genres and this one’s no exception. Extracting instrumental performances from its characters, he’s classy enough in churning out a well packaged drama. His references to literature especially in the scene where Ravi’s father is killed that mirrors the betrayal of Brutus to Ceasar in Shakespeare’s magnum opus “Julius Ceasar” make the plot invigourating. Silence which is one of the deadliest aspects of action cinema could have been better interpreted in RC though. To be frank, the loud voice over by the director himself don’t make the matters pleasing.  

                              Thrusting you with blood, the film ends abruptly that punches in a sequel the very next month starring Tamil Super Star Suriya as Suri. While this film showcases the growth of Ravi among the masses, the sequel would elaborate on his conflicts that ultimately lead to his assassination. Ramu’s hit the bull’s eye this time around. Astounding work with an audacity never seen before, RC is a winner and would rake in the moolah for sure.


My Take :4/5


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