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Films of the 60’s had such a miraculous touch in their treatment of a story to an extent that even plot-lessness would be tolerable, that retraces the same word “soul” which is very much missing in the films of today. Romantic comedies have become such a popular genre for script writers to exploit today, nevertheless few could narrate stories with such conviction as in comparison with the filmmakers of the yesteryears. Here’s an example of that ,while we recall Dev Anand and Nutan starrer “Tere Ghar Ke Saamne”.

                               As we take a trip through the movie, we notice that it has a wafer thin plot. The characters are what we’ve seen before. It’s the situations the characters are put in, that the director seizes a viewers attention through heartfelt humour lest which could have been very much serious. Two persons similar in ideals, sharing similar beliefs get entangled in a war of hatred where either of them are particular in offending the other. As destiny puts them in a situation where they’re forced to be future neighbours. Both of them require a paradise that would outshine the other. But the situation isn’t as simple as it seems. The two houses are to be built by the same architect who’s stuck between his very own father and his would be’s father.


The director(Vijay Anand) with a refined star cast is super efficient in keeping the viewer intrigued into the story despite little or no movement in terms of story. Vijay Anand who went on to execute mature stories like Guide, Teesri Manzil opts for a placid story which has its own limitations. Captivating romantic chemistry between the lead pair eased with a memorable and a haunting soundtrack from S.D.Burman helps us somewhat forget the irregularities of this flick. Serene locations and a heart clinching background music bowl  you over completely.

                         “Dil Ka Bhanvre Kare” buzzing through as the couple enjoys the visual grandeur of Qutub Minar takes your breath away by its simplicity. “Tu Kahaan” from the very same singer as Rakesh(Dev Anand) searches for his lady love saunters along resplendently. “Sun Le Tu Dil Ki Sada” too meanders well with the narrative and the best part of the soundtrack is that it never feels out of place. It keeps a viewer anticipating for a song every moment, thanks to S.D.Burman’s genius.vlcsnap-2010-11-10-22h55m03s32

                             Coming to the cast, Dev Anand reigns supreme in taking the film on his very own shoulders. As we know, he is best known for his naturalist yet expressive dialogues. Balancing the naughtier and the wiser persona of the character, he gives an accomplished and a matured performance. Nutan charms through her portions magnificently. Her expressions,doll like innocence bolstered by her onscreen temperament lend authenticity to an otherwise flawed script. Om Prakash as the protagonist’s father has his moments but isn’t used well enough to justify his ability. G.P.Sippy though does a commendable job who’s thwarted between principles and egoism. Rajendranath though miscast in an inconsequential role makes his presence worthwhile.

                             The writing by Vijay Anand (who also is the director) is the weakest link of “Tere Ghar Ke Saamne. With such an eminent cast, the film could have scaled bigger heights and would’ve been even been clinical in engaging a viewer completely . It isn’t that its a bad film, just that it could have been much better. Yet, the screenplay is modulated intelligently barring the conclusive 30 minutes.

                              But glimpsing through the film as a whole, it accommodates many emotions significantly and provides the viewer something to take with, to their homes. The characterisations being simple and artistic, who are ideal yet humane in committing mistakes,having misunderstandings. It doesn’t give a holistic perception about relationships, but yet embraces your heart for its faithfulness in doing so.

                            Aggregating music, acting, and unscathed chastity the film triumphs  comprehensively. You might have seen such films like this before, but don’t let this one slip and miss your attention . “Tere Ghar Ke Saamne” isn’t perfect, so are we and there’s no reason for anyone to not approve this.

My Take: 3.5/5


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