Rakta Charitra 2 is riveting cinema at its very best…

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“If any person could compose a poem on revenge, none could do justice to it with utter subtlety as much as our very own Ram Gopal Verma.”

Rakta Charitra in its second round prospers in capturing the attention of the spectator. Varma’s penchant for crafting intensity onscreen comes to the fore for the very second time. After a high voltage drama in the first part in which the director plays with situations, this time around he plays with emotions and delivers a work that is befitting and hard-hitting. Teasing the viewer frame by frame, this flick ensures hardcore action plunging ahead with dangerous emotions beyond predictability. All we get is a paisa vasool film that feasts and toasts on revenge, progressing from where the filmmaker left it in the prequel.

Pratap Ravi in his conquest of avenging his father’s death, swarms into politics and is a sensation in the state. In this process, despite enjoying voluminous power , Ravi is a part of unpardonable blunders. There arises a victim of his undoing, Surya whose family becomes a prey of the former. He taunts Ravi and is desperate to see his end. It’s payback time. The crown is slipping and is no more stable. Life hangs in a balance and the blood flow doesn’t seem to stop. After all, where is Ravi heading? Does Ravi need to pay the price for his untimely neglect? Caressed with brilliance, the audience warms up to a film that telecasts a tale smoldering with a vengeance never ever seen in the past. Surging with an entrancing strength in its screenplay, it never spares a moment for the viewer to rest.

Rakta Charitra is a real break that a viewer needs from slapstick cinema. As a notable critic points out, “Sex and violence always sells”. This film stays true to this quote and never deviates from its violent objectivism balanced with an unnerving realism. As insinuating as an artist in his paintings, as intricate as a sculptor in his carvings, Rakta Charitra is modelled to near perfection by Ramu. Studded with a proficient cast, this history of blood satiates your hunger for a pleasurable cinematic experience. An innovative and an engrossing experience that’s here to redefine the formulas of filmmaking.

Suriya marking his foray into Hindi cinema couldn’t have wandered for a better start. In a character that thrives and gushes for Ravi’s demise, he drools into the senses of the spectator and dominates and in fact overshadows Vivek’s tenacious intensity. His eyes are an example of aggression. His performance epitomizes virtuosity. Undoubtedly, no filmmaker has taken enough juice of this pile of talent better than Ram Gopal Verma. Accompanying Suriya in her second stint in Hindi Cinema, Priyamani is a real bolt from the blue. Dazzling with a sincerity that’s hard to unearth, she storms into her role with an unfathomable ease. Her role is invested with such power and substance that none could have carried off this act with such dignity. She’s a force to reckon with. Vivek Oberoi as an exuberant and a valiant counterpart is superb yet again. Essaying a display assimilating a marvellous range of emotions, this is his “Sholay”. The scenes that involve both the protagonists are chilling and nerve-racking. Ajaz Khan as a trusted aide of Surya makes his impact felt in little screen space. Radhika too is very deft and intelligent in her portrayal and she’s the one for the future. The introduction scene of his reminds the viewer of Satya that bond Bhinku Matre and Satya. Shatrughan Sinha is surprisingly restrained and limited to a small role. Even though significant, his part could have been executed better to register an impact that’s complete and withstanding.

Dialogues are the high point of this film. Employing words moulded with adept expressions, they work big time. The background music is intimidating and syncs with the “bloody” atmosphere . The voice over this time around is limited and is obliging to the film’s needs. Basking in glory, Ram Gopal Verma is astonishing as well as astounding. Peculiarity is better demarcated as uniqueness for his ambitious work. 360 degree camera angles, tacky characterisations at places work inexplicably well. These little mistakes pave the way for a hallmark film that’ll stand as an inspiration for the future to behold. Not that the film is bestowed with perfection, it allows its glitches to add its charm. The story being a fictionalized version of reality is a stupendous effort that’s neither too dark nor transparent.

A film that’s well garnished with elegance and exquisite treatment, packed with riveting moments, Rakta Charitra will be a brand. Toppling the prequel, the viewer is in for a lifetime trip. Have fun and it’ll ensure your foot stays afloat and your mouth gaping wide open. Succumb your senses to this intolerable drama, that’s the best you can do this weekend.

My Take:4/5


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