Band Baaja Baaraat is bustling with energy!



Shaadi Season arrives here! Band Baaja Baaraat is a dish that compounds every ingredient in the right measure that’s both fulfilling and satisfying. This movie brings back the very element our movies are famous for, top class neat entertainment. Band Baaja Baaraat barges in  with rip roaring comedy sparkling with a sublimity that’s been missing  in contemporary cinema since a long time. Packed in with an exquisite bunch of the younger lot and an honest script, it is a fun ride you wouldn’t want to miss. After a series of somber and intense films throughout the year, this one knocks your door at the right time.

                   Bittu Sharma is a student hailing from a family that bases its income through sugarcane farming and here’s a bloke who doesn’t want to follow suit. On the flipside we encounter Shruti Kakkar having ambitious plans for her future assignments. Destinies overturn resulting them to be business partners of a marriage planning bureau. From small budget weddings to high budgeted ones,regardless of any religion, caste they rule the roosts. Colourful lightings, delicious meals, groovy numbers, they do it all , raking in appreciation from every quarter and ensuring a warm smile on every face. As every story isn’t complete without a love track, this too has one. The partners who begin their journey with strict principles of not falling in love with each other become a victim of raging emotions and Shruti falls for Bittu. But, the feeling doesn’t reciprocate from the other side and trouble ensues. The rest of tale descends on situations that lead Bittu to discover his love for Shruti.

                   Powered with a feather light treatment and unmatched dialogues from Habib Faisal who marked his directorial entry through “Do Dooni Char”, the movie gets into you instantly. It’s been a while since we have come across such peppy and cheesy lines that go easy on the ears besides leaving behind an impact. Salim-Sulaiman come up with foot tapping numbers bursting with energy. Especially the “Ainvi” track that’s pumping and gleaming with spirit. The dance moves from Vaibhavi Merchant which have been uninspiring in the past works this time around.

                   The locales of Delhi are picture perfect and adept cinematography ensures pleasant viewing. Anushka Sharma who has been underused of her abilities in her previous outings, is superefficient as the multifaceted yet confused Shruti Kakkar. Ranveer Singh, the young lad in the block fits the bill efficiently. Muscled body, excellent spontaneity and an intimidating ease in his moves make him a promising find. His finesse in getting the village accent is increasingly visible and instinctive. The supporting cast is more than handy and very much efficient in aiding the protagonists. The first time director Maneesh Sharma handles the story very well without dramatizing situations. He sustains the interest of the viewer completely.

                   The film is a real bonanza of fresh talent and Yashraj films who’ve invested on stars in their productions have banked on these new faces to pull it off. Without any speckle of doubt, they do justice. The chemistry between the leads make up for the minor setbacks in the execution. The scenes where the leads abuse each other evoke heartfelt humour. There might have been no Shahrukh to shake a leg(to be understood after watching) in the culminating 30 minutes but the pair more than make up for his absence to put in a rollicking performance.

                       All in all, this one’s the tonic for the season. It’s family time. This one’s out of the blues and sure to surprise you. Walking in with barely any expectations, I had a great couple of hours and got my money completely worthy. Highly recommended for beguiling entertainment, Band Baaja Baaraat is your best bet for a lazy evening. Do invite “Shaadi Mubarak” for your wedding! Here are a couple who’ll sway you completely! Happy Wedding! Happy Weekend! This’ll be the best wedding for this monsoon! Freak out your umbrellas and join their Baaraat!

My Take:3.5/5


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