Quest of a Lifetime….

I wander for a soul, who would make my existence feel complete,

I ferry along those waters, vigorous and spirited,

I harbour beyond unknown barriers, firm and farther,

I find a companion to accompany me in my quest.

I journey over clutches of disgust and pain to unfold my destiny,

I conquer every challenge as it comes,

I exhaust every ounce of my blood to persuade,

I’m pained by the incompleteness in my heart,

I’m tortured by irrelevance of my exploration,

I’m cajoled on a lap unnoticeably which makes me feel,

Life is just a trip down the lane,

Its always  your cruise that counts,

The destination would only unleash,

When the voyage ends and

existence comes to a standstill!


I was trying to find an answer,

where a question didn’t exist

I’m ultimately riding a life,

where a destination need not exist!



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