Drowning into the slimy waters of happiness….

Drenched in an ocean of happiness,
I feel I’ve conquered the world,
I rejoice nothing could’ve been this special,
I feel relieved that the gloomy phases of my life have been swept forever.

I’ve worked so hard for this very moment,
Will this amble along an entire existence?
I question my heart that’s marveling with ecstasy,
As I haunt for an answer from my inner conscience,
I harden myself,I convince myself just to
Hear an open hearted no from my heart!

Instead of revelling in a heap of happiness,
Why am I worrying about its longevity?
Is the sustenance of happiness that substantial?
I feel I’m slipping into a world where every action undertaken is beyond my control.

My thought no more has an embodiment,
My expression no more bears the subtlety,
Just when I feel I’m enhancing in a forlorn path,
I realize it’s a dream!!

I wonder the signal posed by this dream,
that threatens to sink me under the slimy waters of happiness,
I inquire the heart for an answer,
But it timidly escapes with an excuse,
Of living in reality and not fantasy!


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