Timeless love….

A minute without you,I feel stupid,

Without your wicked chatter,life seems insipid, 

An endless wait for your presence,

Recalls the moments we spent with magnificence.   


A baby feels incomplete without a lullaby,

A child feels isolated without his pals,

A teenager’s life is incomplete without a stamp of aggression,

But boundless love persists even without communication.


I can’t bring down the stars for you anytime soon,

I may not flatter you with the comparisions of the moon,

I’m here to lend an honest heart,

That’ll be an eternal gift to mortality, a solemn art.


Where have you disappeared my love?

What did I do to miss you so much?

I may never have an answer for that,


But,I know a thing,

I always have a person to cling,

Who has affected me worser than a bee sting.


3 thoughts on “Timeless love….

  1. aneesh says:

    awesome !!!!!!!!!! feels good reading poems like these!!!!!!!!!! expecting a lot more from u sri!!!!!! my best wishes!!!!

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