Looking back those days….

I no more have the patience to amble along,

My bodily existence doesn’t seem to have a purpose,

It’s my time to part with nature,

For my weight has become a burden for the universe to bear!

I came into the world croaking from a mother’s womb,

I’m about to leave a world that’s soaking with jealousy,

I needn’t require people to groan for my absence,

For worldly existence is a miniscule part of life’s fragrance!

I’ve unleashed every emotion in my sustenance,

Marching from utmost happiness to utter turbulence,

I’ve exhausted myself in keeping relationships stable,

I’ve surpassed difficulties only to find them emerging again in this harsh fable!

I don’t regret the travails of my life,

That have helped me conquer every strife,

The world has cheated me,marauded me,

I respect them for the courage they’ve built in my emotional waves raging in a sea!

In the last few hours I live,

I’ve no reason to be submissive,

Withering like a leaf from a branch,

I pay my final salutes waiting for my ultimate expedition to launch!



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