The Much Needed Renaissance….

With an honest desire to serve,

A leader emerges with a strong verve,

In his quest to earn power,

He assimilates his resources for the votes to shower.

In an attempt to gain control,

Ethics take a beating with a heavy toll,

He’s helpless in his cause,

To emerge victorious with a roaring applause.

He’s dwindling in an organisation,

That pays no heed for principles and moralisation,

For the game’s a mere business,

Which is handled with utmost finesse.

He’s saddled with grief,

He isn’t doing justice for the masses shocked with utter disbelief,

He ultimately wins the battle,

That’s fought with a sense which is very little.

He’s now restricted to a belittled chair,

That’s arranged with care among large fanfare,

He wages a lone crusade of wits and intelligence,

Only to be left behind to control a state that’s in dire need of a renaissance.


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