‘Happy Days’ revisited….

Landing in a phase of life that teaches me to dream,

Experimenting with a hope to unveil every hidden treasure,

Trusting my instinct to drive me along,

Chancing every risk in an attempt to depict flamboyance.

With new relationships teasing my strength,

With old associations leaving behind memories,

Endowing justice to each one seems difficult,

Yet an attempt to maintain each one seems worthy.

I miss my childhood that has marvelled me,

I’m scared of manliness that would fabricate me,

Though its a baseless fear that pesters me,

I’m unable to accept this transformation.

It’s an age that exemplifies the flow of a river,

With arrogance startling with spirit and vigour,

I’m living less as each day passes,

Realising life isn’t a bunch of roses on a comforting mattress.


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