Parting with the moon…

As you make your presence felt in a lazy evening,

I can do nothing but fall for your illumination,

I neglect every phenomenon unveiling in front,

For I don’t want to miss a second of your sobriety.

When life was lost in your solitude,

When I had thought none could be as mysterious and as subdued,

I did find someone singing a swansong,

That she was the one to stay with me all along.

Her warmth embraced  untarnished happiness,

Her subsistence dazzled with a radiance,

Her words echoed guilelessness,

What more can I say in sheer helplessness?

Though I’ve parted with the moon,

I’m sure it wouldn’t have rendered a melancholic tune,

It had lost a battle overshadowed by a glaring luminosity,

And It had to accept its defeat with utmost dignity.

I had a tough call to make,

I had an entire life at stake,

I made my stance clear,

That she was the dear one

With whom I would shed every tear(in happiness).



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