In the support you give,I seek for an inspiration to live

From my struggling efforts to emerge out of your womb,

From those days of infancy where you taught me to comb,

From the day you’ve held me in your arms,

For those little fables you needed to convince me for my meal,

From the moment you waved a good bye on the first day of my school,

For every scolding where I’ve let you down,

For those little arguments we had, to justify our stance,

For your delicate resistance to every transformation I’ve undergone,

From your days of support for every decision I’ve taken,

For those small gifts I give, to see your smile,

For those small sacrifices you’ve done to aid my well-being,

For every tear you’ve shed for me,

For your unblemished love that has blanketed my sustenance,

From those days pf tenderness when I cuddled for warmth,

For lending every desire of  mine, a substance,


A selfless woman whose presence doesn’t require a justification,

A thankless soul, a continuous source of inspiration,

I’m a wordless child trying hard to ensure a treatise,

I’ve done a hapless job in describing a relation that never has a demise.



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