Life in a flash….

Being enticed on a mother’s lap,

Resting ourselves on a friends arm,

Sitting alone on a bench in the park wandering for inspiration,

Playing when rainwater gushes our tender skin.

Fighting hard for the fulfillment of our desires,

Partying life for the success to sink in,

Wrecking ourselves for the failure to fade out,

Analysing our inner selves to establish an identity.

Striving our hearts out to impress our loved ones,

Driving our means to acquire happiness,

Placing our inanimate entities to satisfy our quest,

Realizing our slip-ups to revamp our subsistence.

Living in the name of survival,

Surviving under the shadow of existence,

Reigning on the opponent’s vulnerability,

Mistrusting our very own capability,

Breathing our last breath with regret,

With situations dominating us to be a mere puppet.



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